Being Notified From An All Knowing Place

A Nokia 6280 mobile phone (A1-edition), an UMT...
A Nokia 6280 mobile phone (A1-edition), an UMTS cell-phone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A friend of mine told me a story about an experience she had that she thought would probably sound weird to me.  She said that she was at the gas station and was pumping gas, when she suddenly felt a buzzing on her leg.  She knew right away that it was her cell phone so she reached into her pocket to see who it was.  To her surprise her phone was not in her pocket.  When she got back in the car she looked for her cell phone and it was in the car.  When she grabbed it she saw that she had just gotten a call while she was pumping gas.  She said “I don’t get it, how did I feel buzzing on my leg like the phone was on me?”

I told her  that I did not think what she described was weird at all.  I told her that I have things like that happen to me from time to time too.  I told her I thought the buzzing on her leg was for lack of a better way of putting it notification from this all-knowing part of herself, telling her that her cell phone was ringing.   Even though the phone was actually in the car, making it feel like it was in her pocket was the easiest way to let her know it was ringing, in a way that she could accept.   The whole scenario was also a sign to let her know that she is connected to the whole Universe.  It was as if she was being told that if there is something she needs to know, no need to worry, she can be notified in the most incredible unconventional ways.



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