Today’s Positive Thought (keep an open mind, Craig answers a meditation student)

Office - Inside
Office – Inside (Photo credit: Steve B Chamberlain)


I just got a an offer for a job that is one hour away from home.  I’ve been looking for a job for a while with no luck on even getting interviews.  I saw this one, and contacted them.  To my surprise they called me right away.  I have been to two interviews and they are very interested in me.  I don’t get it.  Why the one that is far away?  When I did initially contact them I was not even taking it seriously.

Craig’s Answer:

Years ago when I had a landscape business, my business mentor told me to ask my customers if they want their gutters cleaned.  I never thought much of this idea.  Then one day I thought why not?  and asked a customer  if he needed his gutters cleaned.  He said yes, and we did it.  Two years later, I stopped doing landscape jobs and only did gutter cleaning.  I loved putting people’s minds at ease about possible water damage etc. and it paid well.  Now twenty years later, I still own the business.  We do gutter cleaning and window washing.  This business has been good to me and my family in ways I would have never imagined.

In my opinion, this job offer is a reminder that you have to be open-minded and know that your good can come from anywhere.  It will often come from places that you never would have thought,  if you let it.  This job may even be the best job you ever had in your life.

When you did answer the advertisement, even though you were just answering, thinking “there is no way they will hire me, besides it is too far”, just the act of answering was letting the whole universe know that you are open to good coming in ways you were not open to before.  The more you open up your mind to the possibilities of good coming in ways you would not look at before, the more you will find opportunities showing up all over the place.



Today’s Positive Thought (Change your focus to change your world, a dream interpretation)

Cover of "Waking Life"
Cover of Waking Life

A friend of mine had a dream in which he was in school along with his girlfriend.  When he was in school he knew he would have to leave but he did not have a car.  He had to ask for a ride for both himself and his girlfriend.  He did not like to have to ask for a ride for himself or for anyone else.  Before leaving he stopped in a teachers room and asked to use her rest room.  While he was in the restroom his girlfriend came in talking to the teacher complaining about him.  He thought “she complains all the time.  Does she ever talk well of me?”  Then he wakes up.

After talking with my friend asking him a few questions about his life and what’s new in his life, it came out that he has the same feeling about his live in girlfriend in his waking life.  He feels like she never sees enough of the good in him and is always complaining.  He was also just thinking the day before that she probably never has anything good to say about him when talking to her family and friends.  As we talked, I also asked him about his television viewing the previous day and if he saw any similarities in his dream.  He mentioned watching a movie in which a guy had to call for a ride for himself and his girlfriend.  He also mentioned that he thought just for a moment how he hates asking for rides, and this guy had to ask for a ride from far away, not just for him but for his new girlfriend too.

We both agreed that it seems as  though he recreated his feelings from the previous day, in the form of a dream. I also explained that the reason why it all happened in school is to make him aware that this is about getting the lesson.  Part of the lesson is to pay attention and remember how he feels about his girlfriend and the way she sees him, especially if it does not produce good feelings.  This could prompt him to make some changes in his life.  Another component of the lesson is that his dreams are no mere coincidence.  He duplicates his feelings and the thoughts he dwells on and creates this in the form of a dream.  The deeper lesson we must all learn is that we do the same with our lives, we attract and create our situations by our focus and how we think and feel.  “As a man thinketh so is he.” ” Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.” Want to change your dreams and ultimately your life?  Change your focus, your self talk and the situations you place yourself in.  The more you place yourself in an atmosphere, the more you show up in future similar atmospheres.


Today’s Positive Thought Don’t Sleep On The Morning Magic (A Poem from a member Morning Magic)


English: Sun rising over Clydebank On a cold W...
English: Sun rising over Clydebank On a cold Winter morning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Morning Magic

There’s a magic in the morning air,

before the sun comes out.

I feel it in the breaths I breath,

I sense it all about.

It lifts me up and carries me,

to places far beyond.

What I believed was real for me,

I realize I was wrong.

There’s so much more that’s out there,

It’s the God Force all around.

In everything I see and touch,

It’s deep within I’ve found.

I sense it in the early dawn,

It’s easier then to see.

The God-Force emanating out

from everything I see.

I’m grateful for the early dawn,

It helps me realize.

I can move beyond the worldly

limitations of disguise.

So thank You to the Morning Sun,

that starts to light the day.

And thanks for all the Magic,

that It gives to find my way.

Karen Kozak


Today’s Positive Thought (It’s Gonna Be Easy!)

Sailing Boats at Looe
Sailing Boats at Looe (Photo credit: jonl1973)

Today’s positive thought comes from the second book I wrote Wise Words To A Metaphysical Way of Being and Miracles in Your Life.  It is my reminder and message for today and I thought I would  share it with you.  

It’s Gonna Be Easy 

There would be many times when my teacher and I would be discussing something that I had to do which would appear difficult or sometimes even impossible to accomplish.  He would always explain to me that whatever needed to be done would be accomplished.  He would always conclude by saying, “And Craig, it’s gonna be easy”.

When he told me this, I would be reminded that the seemingly impossible is going to be easily accomplished once I meditate deeply, remain open-minded, and keep my mind on the higher things.  This higher way of practicing and understanding would allow God to work through me and the people in my world. Once we get our personal self out the way, the rest is always quite easy.

Today’s Positive Thought (get the lesson and watch the karma fall away)



Tales from the Golden Age
Tales from the Golden Age (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Karma is another word for come back or results.  Our current situation is our karma.  It is the results of the way we have acted and thought about our world.  These results are here for us to get the lesson at hand.  When we truly get the lesson, the situation changes.  Once again when we truly get the lesson the situation changes for the better.  I have tested this in my life and seen it happen time and time again.


Years ago I had to downsize my gutter and window cleaning business.  Business suddenly slowed down and I had serious cash flow problems.  I hated the idea of downsizing.  I didn’t want to let anyone go or get rid of my office space.  I also taught meditation in the space and had it set up for this with a lot of metaphysical books, and the perfect environment.  I even saw in meditation how downsizing could make a difference, but I still could not bring myself to make the changes.  One day, I asked God to give me the answer one more time.  I expected it in 24 hours.  The answer came that same day in a surprising way, and this time I got it.


I began to make the changes right away.  I downsized and raised my prices.  I even moved my business and meditation classes to my home.  To my surprise everything changed.  I instantly had more money.  The meditation students said they liked the classes more at my house.  I had more time for my kids and they loved the people at the house every Sunday for the meditation classes.  It was like the beginning of a Golden Age in my world.  For anyone interested I have a 5 minute video on youtube that tells this story in more detail.  For Heaven Here and Now part 1 Click Here



Today’s Positive Thought (“and things will come your way”)

Under the Tuscan Sun (film)
Under the Tuscan Sun (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the movie Under The Tuscan Sun there was a marvelous quote.  It says, “You have to live spherically in many directions and never lose your childhood enthusiasm, and things will come your way.”  This is so true.  We often hear people talking about living your dharma or according to your nature.  “Do what you love and the rest will follow.”  I do agree.  But often we have more than one way of expression.  We should take time for as many of the ways the Universe wants to express through us as possible.

When I first opened up my bookstore and started teaching meditation classes in it, part of the goal was to close my gutter and window cleaning business and only deal with the spirituality, meditation classes, books etc.  I thought it was a natural spiritual progression.

One day when I was thinking about how to quit my gutter and window business, it seemed like everywhere I went my customers kept telling me how much they appreciated us and how it seemed like we were sent by God.  This pattern seemed to happen more and more often, with customers saying “I hope you guys stay in business so we can keep using you.”  In time I realized that I love both, and must take time for all my interests, and keep both businesses.  The more I embraced having both enthusiastically, the happier and more blessed I have been.


Today’s Positive Thought Turn Your Hut Into a Castle (The Next 30 Days)

Titicaca Hut
Titicaca Hut (Photo credit: retro traveler)
English: Chateau de Vincennes keep, Paris संस्...
English: Chateau de Vincennes keep, Paris संस्कृत: Цитаделла Шато де Венсана (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the easiest ways to get to where you want to be is to start from where you are. Take everything in your life that you would like to see improve and treat it like it is the absolute best.  The Universe will make it so.

At one time I was forced to move out of my big beautiful house in a great neighborhood and move into a tiny home in what I considered to be a much less desirable area.  One day I finally decided to find heaven right where I was, fix up the house I was currently living in, and enjoy where I was at the moment.  In a short period of time it became a most magical place, leading me to more magical places.   It is quite an interesting and humorous story. This is the link to the video where I describe my experience. Heaven Here and Now Part 2

Today’s Positive Thought, Being Thankful Is Deeper Than We Usually Think

Thank you
Thank you (Photo credit: Avard Woolaver)

I remember there was a time in which I had several people who needed my help and insight on some meditation matters.  One or two had called and left messages and others had emailed me.  The funny thing was I did not feel like I had the time to deal with them right away because I was busy working on a plan to reach more people, a larger amount of people, to help with meditation matters.  Once I became more thankful for the opportunity to help right where I was, God sent me more people to help.

With my gutter and window business I had a period in which business was slow.  During this same time period, I can’t tell you how many jobs I turned down in other related areas from my regular customers.  I realized God was trying to help me and became thankful for the opportunities coming my way.  Then I decided to start adding the other services.  Right after I let my customers know we were available for the other services, I was instantly busy again.

These are just a couple of ways in which being thankful for the moment and all contained within it have truly made a difference.


When Tomorrow Becomes Today All Your Dreams Come True

Sun Rise over Sydney
Sun Rise over Sydney (Photo credit: glennharper)

The other day I found myself listening a song that I love, called Maybe Tomorrow, by Stereophonics.  I played it over and over.  The message was “maybe tomorrow I’ll find my way home.”  I liked the message as I thought about how I needed to find my way in certain areas of my life.  Then I remembered that it can’t be tomorrow.  I can’t have that mentality.  Tomorrow never comes.  When you wake up tomorrow, it is today.  And you say “maybe tomorrow.”  Then I remembered a quote that went something like, “it’s not until tomorrow becomes today that we reach our dream.”  So I told myself “tomorrow has to become today.”  As I thought about this, I thought about how I must move into my desired experience now.

Later that same day, I was watching the movie Stand Up Guys.  At one point one of the two gangsters realized he had to take care of business.  He had to do something for his grand-daughter that was hard to do, but really needed doing.   His friend asks him, when is he going to do it?  He responds, “tomorrow.”

Later in the movie, this same guy changes his mind and does what he has to do right away. His friend says “I thought you said you were going to do it tomorrow?”  The hero replies “yea, well tomorrow just became today.

I could not believe it.  He said the same exact words I was thinking earlier, tomorrow now becomes today. It was like a message from above saying, “you are free.  Move into where you want to be now.”  I already knew this is what I must do, but this made it much deeper.  It was confirmation that the whole Universe heard me and replied, “if you move in that direction right now, even if it may seem far off, you will be there right now.”

To all my wonderful friends, get moving right now, and make tomorrow today.



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