Remember The Great Sages Are Very Careful Of What They Say Because They Know That Everything They Say Comes True

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Recently I was talking to someone giving some advise.  The advise was about being true to yourself and what you like, when choosing a mate.  At one point I explained why I made this  practice in the past, when I was single  and if I was not married with kids now this would truly be my practice.  As I spoke. I thought back on one time when I made a mistake and was not true to my personal liking and how I unnecessarily  hurt a woman’s feelings, trying to like her but all the while I knew she was not my type.

The next morning I woke up from a dream in which I was a single man with no kids in a totally different environment.  I started dating one woman partially because she was so nice.  The only problem was that she was not my type.  There was another woman who worked in the same building that liked me who I found myself much more interested in and attracted to.  All I could think about was “how can I get out of this situation, without hurting the one who I started dating and is there any way I can date the woman who I am truly interested in?”  As I came from one reality of the dream into the reality of this life still feeling bad, experiencing the emotions of the dream, what ran through my mind was “The great sages are very careful about what the say because they know that everything they say comes true.”  I was reminded that when I was giving the advice I should not have said what I would do in that situation unless I planned on living through it in some way.

Be true to yourself and only speak on and think on what you would like to see happen.



Craig Kimbrough

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