Latest Meditation Question for Craig

La méditation (Danse Odissi, musée Guimet)

La méditation (Danse Odissi, musée Guimet) (Photo credit: dalbera)

The latest question for Craig comes from Brenda in Tennessee, USA.

Brenda:  When I meditate, during the meditation I will often get great ideas, but then I can’t remember them.  Should I write them down?

Craig’s Answer :  Yes.  I find that I have to write down ideas and information I get during meditation or dream, often. Remember these are ideas from God and your higher self, so you definitely want to pay attention to them.  I make it a point to try to write them down right after I finish other wise they will be gone.

Brenda:  My problem is that I if I don’t stop meditating right when the idea comes I will lose it.  Should I continue meditating or stop and write down the information?

Craig:  I would stop and record or write down the ideas that come from the clear mind of your meditation.  Then go back to meditating afterwards.  But by all means record the information and use it in your life.

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