Motivation for deeper medtation

Dynamic tranquility: the Buddha in contemplation.

Dynamic tranquility: the Buddha in contemplation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other day I sat down to meditate.  I meditated, and it was nice, but I did not go that deep within.  I am not saying that one has to go deep when meditating, or that a deeper meditation is always the object. But I guess I did want to feel more connected at the time.  Minutes later, I meditated again.  This time I thought about something that meant a lot to me, that I really wanted clarity on, and asked God for more clarity in my mind.   Then I meditated.  I went so deep so fast and felt so much bliss in the process, it was like night and day compared to the meditation I previously had.

It reminds me of the time I asked a small class “who did you think was the fastest runner in their hay-day, in this group?”  Several names were mentioned, but none mentioned the guy I was thinking of .  I told the class “yes I am sure they were all quite fast at one time or another, but I doubt any of them ran as fast as Aaron.”  They looked surprised.  Aaron usually comes across as slow in movement and very laid back.  I told them, “Man if you could have seen how fast Aaron was running when that big crazy dog was chasing him you would not believe it.  He came around the corner flying, with his knees practically touching his chest, arms swinging, like the guys in the Olympics.  He was moving.”   They were all cracking up and understood my point.  My point was, motivation does wonders.

What is it that means a lot to you?  Use it and bring the meditation into your life.  Don’t just meditate, but  meditate expecting answers, strength and change on things that matter to you.  We must add the meditation to our dreams and use or dreams and goals as motivation to reach God within. When we do the meditation becomes much more powerful.



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