A Dream of Now and Now’s to Come

Dream About Me
Dream About Me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a dream of sorts the other morning.  I guess you could call it a day-dream because I was awake, and then suddenly I had this dream. I was even awake during the dream and thinking about what it meant as I was having it.

In the dream I saw someone who had made their transition.  As I was watching I was being told that he should be dressed well because sometimes the soul will  get up and function right after passing and will be clothed as he was clothed in life.  Then I saw him living out a similar life in a different dimension.  I was reminded of how my teacher Mr. Ambritster would say “where you go in the hereafter, depends on what you go hereafter.”

For some time afterwards, this was all I could think about.  I did not think about it in the same sense of the dream alone.  I thought about how that happens right here right now. However you want to be in the future, you need to be that way right now.  You want to be a writer, be one now.  You want to be a preacher, be one now, and improve accordingly. Wherever you want to be you should be functioning in that arena in some way, on whatever level you can start on right now and you will automatically be there in the future. This is karma 101.  What you put out comes back, 10 fold, 20 fold or 100 fold, depending on how much you move into to that place, now, and the now’s to come.


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    6 years ago


    I needed to hear this today, it was like a reminder, and direction, so thank you

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