Remember The Great Sages Are Very Careful Of What They Say Because They Know That Everything They Say Comes True

Recently I was talking to someone giving some advice.  The advice was about being true to yourself and what you like, when choosing a mate.  At one point I explained […]

Being Who We Are

When I was fairly young I realized two things.  I knew for a fact that I wanted to live life to the fullest, being who I really am while enjoying […]

Latest Meditation Question for Craig

The latest question for Craig comes from Brenda in Tennessee, USA. Brenda:  When I meditate, during the meditation I will often get great ideas, but then I can’t remember them.  Should […]

Motivation for deeper medtation

The other day I sat down to meditate.  I meditated, and it was nice, but I did not go that deep within.  I am not saying that one has to […]

The following post was written by Meditating Muslima. I have never posted a reblog from someone else’s blog, but I felt this was meant to be. Part of the theme […]