This Weeks Question on Meditation and Metaphysics (Which one is it, a self fulfilling prophesy or a premonition of things to come?)

This weeks question comes from a meditative community member in Finland.

“I had a day-dream that a family member was going to try to get me to make up with another family member who did some underhanded things towards me.  I also felt very strongly that the one family member was going to ask me to do a huge favor for the one I have problems with.  This favor would really be tough on me and a great sacrifice.”

A few days later, I was invited to a dinner by the same peace-making family member in my daydream.  I am also confident that the one I had problems with would be there.   Do you think that somehow I made this situation occur by my thoughts and feelings, or do you think it was a premonition of things to come? Which one is it?

Craig’s answer.  It is probably both.  We are always creating our whole world so that we can get the growth and lessons out of the situation.  The main thing that sticks out is, that you have been warned by God, your deeper self and the Universe what is coming your way.  Trust it and be prepared as to how you are going to handle the situation.  As we progress spiritually, we are often prepared for situations in advance.  Our job and lesson is to take heed and act in light of the information that we have been given.

When we let go and become an instrument

Early this week I was marveling at an epiphany I had.  It was not the first time this idea came to mind but it was quite deep to me all the same.  I found myself thinking about how much time and energy we spend building our ego and proving ourselves.  I call it building up our false self, because realizing our true self would be something all together different.

When we are building the false self we are trying to get the world to see how great we are or how worthy we are.   This is the part where many of us will say “yea, I know people who seem to spend their whole lives doing this.  That’s what Bob does, always trying to prove.” But wait, forget about Bob.  This is what we do.  You and me.  Even those of us who are working on ourselves.  We spend most of our time trying to prove ourselves.  We have to make sure everyone knows how much we can get, how much we can achieve, how smart we are, how we are special, kind or different, edgy, self realized, God realized, you name it.  We spend most of our energy doing this, proving. Some of us don’t want to be great, just not lesser than.  We just want to be worthy and have people understand that we mean well.  Others of us are so cool we don’t care what anyone thinks.  This is also a way to let the world know just how realized and unattached we are.  And our attention is still on how we are perceived all the same.  But what happens when we let go of this false self that we have spent so much energy building up and defending.

The answer is we become free.  We become free for however long we are able to let go.  We don’t worry about what people will think and our dealings become much more pure.  We also become one, instruments of God and the Universe.  As a matter of fact, in addition to meditating often, it is a good idea to remind ourselves that we are not who we and others have thought us to be.  We are simply here to be of service in whatever way the Universe sees fit.  We can also think of God working through us as we perform our various activities. We can say “I am just doing what God wants me to do, serving the way that is best for the Universe and all involved.”  We can mean well, do our best and not be attached to how the situation works out.  We can feel good because if we are judged we know that is not us that is being judged we are just instruments following the plan as we best understand.  We are even open to changes in the plan if we are made aware there needs to be.  If we move forward in this way, we will find less of our ego involved and feel much more free and happy as we carry out our missions, and live our lives.

This weeks question on meditation

Moses the prophet, Russian icon from first qua...
Moses the prophet, Russian icon from first quarter of 18th cent. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is question I received from a very advanced meditation student last week.

“I have a lot of work to do here lately.  I feel like I may have to meditate less than I have been, due to lack of time.  Will this make me be less centered?  Will I lose some ground in my life spiritually?”

My answer.

There is a story about a great one who was close to God.  Let’s say it was Moses.  He was proud of how close he was to God.  Then God decided to give him a lesson.  God told him “I will show you one of my favorites.  Moses says “what do you mean, one of your favorites.  I thought I was your favorite.”  God says to watch.  He shows Moses a man with a family working in the field.  The man works all day long.  Every morning he wakes up and says Ram Nam.  Ram Nam.  Praising God.  In the middle of the day, he stops and once again says “Ram Nam. Ram Nam.” At the end of the day after working all day to take care of his family and being with his family, he says once again Ram Nam, Ram Nam, and falls asleep.  God says “Do you see why he is one of my favorites?” Moses replies, No.  I pray and meditate all the time.  This man does not even come close.  God says “OK.  I want you to do something for me.”  Moses says “anything.  Just tell me what to do.”   God says “I want you to carry this glass of water to town and back.  It is very important that you don’t spill a single drop.”  God fills the glass to the top and gives it to Moses.  Moses carries the glass oh so carefully being sure not to let a drop spill.  It takes him until the next day.  When he returns he tells God. ” I did it.  Just as you asked.  I carried it all the way and back without even a single drop.”  God says, “very good.  Now, how many times did you think about me, meditate or pray to me.  Moses says, “none.  I did have time.  I was too busy doing what you asked.”  God replies, “that man who I showed you has to work to take care of his family and the farm for me all day, and he still finds time to think of me and pray to me, three times a day.”  This is why he is one of my favorites.

My point is, as long as you take time out for God and you are sincere while you are serving, you will be one of God’s favorites.  Do the work that you need to do.  Think of God and meditate before work and in the evening.  If you can, chant your mantra in your mind during your work day or while driving in the car etc.  Or when you have time, listen to talks and lessons that remind you of the deeper side of life as you drive.  Or instead of watching your regular television show, turn on a movie that reminds you of spiritual life, even if you can only watch it for a half hour.  If you do these things God will be with you  in all your steps.



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