Remember What Is True, And Play Your Part In The Grand Mystical Play Of Life

The following passage is taken from my first book, What If My Soul Is Eternal And Heaven Is Everywhere.  It was my message for today. I hope it you enjoy it.

I look at life as being a grand play. I’d say it is the greatest, most beautiful play, or movie, or opera that you could ever imagine.  We all play our roles, and each one is different.  We’re given our roles based on our individual capabilities and on our mind state also.  When we’re placed in these parts, our job is to play them to the fullest, to get the best out of them.  There are many lessons that come along with each role.  We get these lessons based on who we are and our conceptual way of looking at the world.  As that changes, so do our roles.  The grand director of this play would be God Himself.  So each time we go into these roles, the way we handle them, and the way we internalize what happens during the scene, determines what’s going to happen next in our lives.  So, you could say that we’re actually a co-producer with God in this great, grand, mystical play that we’re living out.

It’s very important we remember, that we’re playing a role, one with a number of infinite acts. When we remember this, then we are able to play our part best.  Then we are able to live our life in such a way to where we aren’t so hung up on this one little scene in which we are playing.  We remember that soon the scene will change and we’ll be in a different scene. When we begin to see life in this way, we’re not so attached to all the things that are going on. We’re able to function in a way that is best for everyone.


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