Remember What Is True, And Play Your Part In The Grand Mystical Play Of Life

The following passage is taken from my first book, What If My Soul Is Eternal And Heaven Is Everywhere.  It was my message for today. I hope it you enjoy it.

I look at life as being a grand play. I’d say it is the greatest, most beautiful play, or movie, or opera that you could ever imagine.  We all play our roles, and each one is different.  We’re given our roles based on our individual capabilities and on our mind state also.  When we’re placed in these parts, our job is to play them to the fullest, to get the best out of them.  There are many lessons that come along with each role.  We get these lessons based on who we are and our conceptual way of looking at the world.  As that changes, so do our roles.  The grand director of this play would be God Himself.  So each time we go into these roles, the way we handle them, and the way we internalize what happens during the scene, determines what’s going to happen next in our lives.  So, you could say that we’re actually a co-producer with God in this great, grand, mystical play that we’re living out.

It’s very important we remember, that we’re playing a role, one with a number of infinite acts. When we remember this, then we are able to play our part best.  Then we are able to live our life in such a way to where we aren’t so hung up on this one little scene in which we are playing.  We remember that soon the scene will change and we’ll be in a different scene. When we begin to see life in this way, we’re not so attached to all the things that are going on. We’re able to function in a way that is best for everyone.


Halloween Positivity and Giving


halloween (Photo credit: BEE FREE – PGrandicelli [the social bee])

Halloween was a few days ago.  Over the years Halloween has been quite a big deal to me.  When my older kids were young I was always just as excited as the kids.  I would think back on going trick or treating when I was a kid and want to make sure that the kids had the same fun I did. Every year we would have a ball.  I would be happy as we walked the streets trick or treating and the kids would be happy to get their candy. Now with my youngest Jordan the tradition continues and I love it.  He not only loves the school party and the trick or treating later in the evening, he especially loves the costumes.  Every year after the big day, he wears his costume for the next month or two in the house, running around pretending to be Iron Man, Spider Man, or Bumble Bee, the transformer.

What I truly love the most is the spirit of the people.  There are so many good people who are interested in the kids having a good time.  This year a couple in our neighbor hood was so happy and excited that they took Jordan’s picture in his costume at their front door.  I also met some very nice neighbors at our clubhouse Halloween party.  When I was tick or treating later that same evening I had an epiphany.  As we were walking, I found it amazing how many people are giving on this day.  They take time to decorate their homes, and buy candy.  Then they take the time to give out the candy and when the kids come to their door, the adults giving out the candy are so happy to see the kids arrive.  If they have to step out and can’t be home, some leave the candy in front of the house in a basket.  Amazingly no one takes advantage. The kids take one or two pieces and leave the rest for the others who may come along.  I also thought about how some people complain about the holiday and talk about its history or say that it is based on evil or the dead, but all I saw was positivity.  To me Halloween is about all this giving and spirit of good will I was seeing.