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Things have been crazy lately.  This is the beginning of my busy season with the gutter cleaning company.  Sorry it has taken me so long to read your emails. In the last email you wrote, you said “I am nobody.”  You are so correct.  As you know being nobody also means letting go enough to allow God to come through. This evening right before reading your emails I was asking myself a question.  “How can I be nobody and stand up for myself at the same time?”  I notice we often have similar things going on in different ways.  I too see how business can be cut throat, and people can be cut throat. My answer was to meditate and be pulled into the higher regions within by way of the inner sound and light.  Then I read a page from a book called Tertium Organum.  It talked about how we must reach our wider self.  In the process we learn that A is both A and not A.  In my case, Craig is both Craig and not Craig. It reminds me of the movie Bagger Vance when Bagger says “Oh you want to know my strategy.  My player has a problem right now.  He still thinks he is Rannulf Junnah.”    Of course the idea was to become one.  One with the club, one with the course, one with hole, one with the entire game, and let go of all the concerns with being Rannulf Junnah.  The more I learn this, that I am not Craig, the better I deal with business, people and situations.  When I feel this, I am less attached.  When I don’t, I am attached and act out of fear and worry. I price jobs wrong and cheat myself in business and life, worried about how my actions will affect how Craig is perceived.  But when I am less attached incredible things happen. My actions change and people’s reactions change. The Universe works through me.   I actually get more respect without trying or caring whether it comes.  Then I once again have to remind myself that I am nobody and meditate more to stay on track.

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  1. I just keep going, I know meditation is the key, and I still go out sidetracking myself. It’s interesting to me that as I write you emails, I often get the answer, it’s always meditate, you need to be meditating all day long with your problems, and I hear your voice from lessons past. Does not mean I act on it often enough, my truth is I do not. Sure, I am getting meditations in more now, still though, I sidetrack myself a lot. I really have nothing to lose by going for this business thing, It’s a tough road now, I am not always positive, I’ve had many resentments, and I cannot stand what they do to my mind, so I work on releasing these daily too.

    Gotta run, I`lll chat more later.


    KK. O’Keefe aka Karen

    1. Meditation is the key to so many things. I write this realizing that I did not respond, atleast not on the blog years ago. I have to remind myself of this also and even now years later I am still reminding myself and amazed at what happens when I meditate more often. I hope all is well and will look for you to see my friend.

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