The power of intent

This morning I woke up early, approximately 5am.  I decided to use this time to meditate

Yoga (Photo credit: RelaxingMusic)

and see some things more clearly.  I wanted to have a better vision of what my next moves would be with my gutter and window cleaning business, and with the meditation and positive movement.  I still remembered clear visions and wonderful signs I have already been blessed with for both, some of which I have not truly moved on.  Still, I wanted to see more clearly and feel these things stronger.  I decided this will be the morning for this.  I went back into the bedroom and began to meditate.  Within minutes I had ideas coming my way for my business.  They were so clear and yes I had gotten them before.  As I heard the words play in my head I felt so blissful and had a knowing that is hard to describe.  Then I decided I wanted the same feeling and information for the meditation and positive movement.  It came right away as I continued to meditate and listen to the Aum vibration playing in the silence.  Not only did I know what to do, but I felt an enthusiasm to move on my information quite strong.

Afterwards, it was amazing to me how easy it was.  For some time I had been wanting to meditate and have my renewed clearer vision and answers on these matters.  I had been putting it off, possibly feeling like seeing what I needed to and feeling what I wanted to was too far off.  But the moment I truly made up my mind and used the methods I have used many times before, I had what I had been longing for.  I reminded myself that this is the power of intent

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