Now Is The Time


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This morning I woke up thinking that I cannot allow any excuses.  I must remain in the heavenly state at all times.  I must choose heaven, right here, right now.  Every day must be the best day of my life.  And I must treat my life as if  that is absolutely the case.  I was also thinking that I have so many epiphanies and  experiences to tell me that this is the case, that it does not make sense to live in any other way.  Right after thinking this I opened up a book called The Secret Door To Success, by Florence Scovel Shinn.  The statement at the top of the page read “Now is the appointed time.  Today is the day of my amazing good fortune.”  It went right along with what I was thinking.  “This is the heavenly moment.  Not when everything works out a certain way.  Treat this moment as if it was my perfect moment and look for all the good in it and more good will magically show up.  Keep looking for good later on and when later on arrives, your good will still show up later on.”

I guess what I am trying to say is we can not wait.  How long have we been waiting?  If you want a new car, treat the one you have like gold.  You want a new business or home, treat the one you have like gold, and truly love it.  Then be open to an even better one showing up.  The results will surprise you.  For more on this go the link at the top of the site and see my Youtube videos on Heaven Here and Now.

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