The Holy Name (A most positive source)

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My teacher, Mr. Ambrister, used to say “If he is not talking about the Nam, go elsewhere.”  The Nam is also known as the holy name, the inner sound or light within. It is both light and sound.  It has been called by many names.  In the book of John it has been called the word.  In the book Siddhartha it is called the om.  Lao Tse called it the Tao.  The great mythologist, Joseph Campbell referred to it as the mystery of the word everywhere, Aum.  He also said to get in touch with this vibration within us all is the peak experience of all.  One of the objects of the meditation process is to get in touch with this vibration.  Think of it as the drop merging with the ocean.

This morning I decided to chant the mantra Aum.  Chanting the mantra reminds one of the vibration and helps to tune into it.  I also told myself that if I chant the mantra during the day as I go about my business I will get direction both in my business and personal life.  To my surprise, later that day a meditation student gave me an idea for my next move with the positive movement.  In addition to this I also got more information later this same evening.  The information came from my son Tony.  I don’t think he knew just how much he was helping me as we talked.  He was thanking me, and sharing some deep touching things with me.   In the process, life changing information that I needed to hear was also coming my way.  As I looked back, I knew that what I predicted came true like many times before.  When I chant the mantra, I often will decide what I want to see happen on account of my chanting, and it does.  This time I got life changing information in two areas of my life.

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