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Ocean Yoga
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Things have been crazy lately.  This is the beginning of my busy season with the gutter cleaning company.  Sorry it has taken me so long to read your emails. In the last email you wrote, you said “I am nobody.”  You are so correct.  As you know being nobody also means letting go enough to allow God to come through. This evening right before reading your emails I was asking myself a question.  “How can I be nobody and stand up for myself at the same time?”  I notice we often have similar things going on in different ways.  I too see how business can be cut throat, and people can be cut throat. My answer was to meditate and be pulled into the higher regions within by way of the inner sound and light.  Then I read a page from a book called Tertium Organum.  It talked about how we must reach our wider self.  In the process we learn that A is both A and not A.  In my case, Craig is both Craig and not Craig. It reminds me of the movie Bagger Vance when Bagger says “Oh you want to know my strategy.  My player has a problem right now.  He still thinks he is Rannulf Junnah.”    Of course the idea was to become one.  One with the club, one with the course, one with hole, one with the entire game, and let go of all the concerns with being Rannulf Junnah.  The more I learn this, that I am not Craig, the better I deal with business, people and situations.  When I feel this, I am less attached.  When I don’t, I am attached and act out of fear and worry. I price jobs wrong and cheat myself in business and life, worried about how my actions will affect how Craig is perceived.  But when I am less attached incredible things happen. My actions change and people’s reactions change. The Universe works through me.   I actually get more respect without trying or caring whether it comes.  Then I once again have to remind myself that I am nobody and meditate more to stay on track.

The power of intent

This morning I woke up early, approximately 5am.  I decided to use this time to meditate

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and see some things more clearly.  I wanted to have a better vision of what my next moves would be with my gutter and window cleaning business, and with the meditation and positive movement.  I still remembered clear visions and wonderful signs I have already been blessed with for both, some of which I have not truly moved on.  Still, I wanted to see more clearly and feel these things stronger.  I decided this will be the morning for this.  I went back into the bedroom and began to meditate.  Within minutes I had ideas coming my way for my business.  They were so clear and yes I had gotten them before.  As I heard the words play in my head I felt so blissful and had a knowing that is hard to describe.  Then I decided I wanted the same feeling and information for the meditation and positive movement.  It came right away as I continued to meditate and listen to the Aum vibration playing in the silence.  Not only did I know what to do, but I felt an enthusiasm to move on my information quite strong.

Afterwards, it was amazing to me how easy it was.  For some time I had been wanting to meditate and have my renewed clearer vision and answers on these matters.  I had been putting it off, possibly feeling like seeing what I needed to and feeling what I wanted to was too far off.  But the moment I truly made up my mind and used the methods I have used many times before, I had what I had been longing for.  I reminded myself that this is the power of intent

Positive Comment from a member on meditation

Love to Meditate and you made me realize that all it is ..means to FOCUS…thats awesome….Thank You

Now Is The Time

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This morning I woke up thinking that I cannot allow any excuses.  I must remain in the heavenly state at all times.  I must choose heaven, right here, right now.  Every day must be the best day of my life.  And I must treat my life as if  that is absolutely the case.  I was also thinking that I have so many epiphanies and  experiences to tell me that this is the case, that it does not make sense to live in any other way.  Right after thinking this I opened up a book called The Secret Door To Success, by Florence Scovel Shinn.  The statement at the top of the page read “Now is the appointed time.  Today is the day of my amazing good fortune.”  It went right along with what I was thinking.  “This is the heavenly moment.  Not when everything works out a certain way.  Treat this moment as if it was my perfect moment and look for all the good in it and more good will magically show up.  Keep looking for good later on and when later on arrives, your good will still show up later on.”

I guess what I am trying to say is we can not wait.  How long have we been waiting?  If you want a new car, treat the one you have like gold.  You want a new business or home, treat the one you have like gold, and truly love it.  Then be open to an even better one showing up.  The results will surprise you.  For more on this go the link at the top of the site and see my Youtube videos on Heaven Here and Now.

The Holy Name (A most positive source)

Mantra official logo
Mantra official logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My teacher, Mr. Ambrister, used to say “If he is not talking about the Nam, go elsewhere.”  The Nam is also known as the holy name, the inner sound or light within. It is both light and sound.  It has been called by many names.  In the book of John it has been called the word.  In the book Siddhartha it is called the om.  Lao Tse called it the Tao.  The great mythologist, Joseph Campbell referred to it as the mystery of the word everywhere, Aum.  He also said to get in touch with this vibration within us all is the peak experience of all.  One of the objects of the meditation process is to get in touch with this vibration.  Think of it as the drop merging with the ocean.

This morning I decided to chant the mantra Aum.  Chanting the mantra reminds one of the vibration and helps to tune into it.  I also told myself that if I chant the mantra during the day as I go about my business I will get direction both in my business and personal life.  To my surprise, later that day a meditation student gave me an idea for my next move with the positive movement.  In addition to this I also got more information later this same evening.  The information came from my son Tony.  I don’t think he knew just how much he was helping me as we talked.  He was thanking me, and sharing some deep touching things with me.   In the process, life changing information that I needed to hear was also coming my way.  As I looked back, I knew that what I predicted came true like many times before.  When I chant the mantra, I often will decide what I want to see happen on account of my chanting, and it does.  This time I got life changing information in two areas of my life.

Higher Still is True Living

This morning after my early morning spiritual time.  I went to sleep.  When I woke up I

Meditation (Photo credit: atsukosmith)

meditated again.  I was hoping to get some insight on my next move with Meditative Zone and PositiveAmbassador.Org.  I was also looking for insight with my business.  I did not feel like I went that deep into meditation, but I realized something.  There I was hoping for a vision or a dream telling me what to do, when I remembered that I already had the answers from dreams, meditations and incredibly harmonious events that occurred in the past.  How could I forget?  It was like I put all this wonderful information way in the back of my mind.  At any rate, now it is time to move on the information and insights I have already received.  As my teacher, Mr. Ambrister, would say, “There is nothing higher than truth, but higher still is true living.”

What information and insights have you gotten over the years that seemed to be of a higher order?  Have you truly applied it all in your life? If not it is time get busy and live in light of those insights.


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