Ahamkara (The false idea of separate existence)

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There is an interesting, Indian, Hindu term called ahamkara.  It is defined as the idea of separate existence.  I once heard the great mythologist, Joseph Campbell, refer to this word as the sound of the self saying I.  I personally always thought of ahamkara as identifying with the ego.  I believe all these things describe ahamkara quite well.  I also have learned over the years that this is perhaps the largest part of maya, the illusion of the world. The belief that we are somehow separate from the creator and each other could be  the biggest falsehood of all.

The church I used to go to when I was a kid had a saying.  “There is only one presence and one power, God the good omnipotent.  If there is only one presence then all is God.  Jesus said that “I and my father are one.”  “Be still and know that I am God.”   I say we should all be still and know.  It was Homer who said “Good is one, evil is manifold ”  The more we see separation, the more evil we do.  The more we see the oneness the more good we become and carryout.  In the movie Bagger Vance, Bagger said “my player has a problem.  He still thinks he’s Rannolf Junnah.”  That was his only problem, identifying with his egoistic worries and concerns.  When he entered the field, he became one, and played marvelously.  Jesus also said, He is I and I am he.”  There was no separation.  The Buddha also taught the path of oneness.  Jesus also said “I say unto you that ye are gods.”   In other words, not only am I one but you too are one.  In the movie Eat Pray Love, it is said that “God is expressing himself through you as you.”  The eternal has taken birth for human expression.  This is call dharma, or place in life.  I once heard Michael Jackson say something to the effect that the job of the song writer is to get himself or herself out-of-the-way so the inspiration from God can come through.  This is the job of every artist, getting the smaller self and the ideas and hangups of the smaller self out of the way for the great inspiration.   I say we have to move beyond this ahamkara, the false idea that we are not one.  We are each one with God and each other whether we know it or not.  This is the reason we should meditate and watch and listen to as much material that reminds us of our oneness as possible.  We must remember that God can come to us from many people and many sources to give exactly what is needed.  We must remember that God can work through us, and ask to be guided as we move though life.  It is our job to move into the oneness.  I personally believe this is our main reason for being here.


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