God Is Always Talking To Us If We Are Open

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Cloud Watching (Photo credit: madlyinlovewithlife)

Yesterday my good friend Aaron called me to tell me how he got an incredible sign.  He had a situation where he was feeling as though he had to hurry and rush and time was truly of the essence.  He felt that he was not moving fast enough on a particular project.  He went home and meditated to gain some peace.  That same evening he came to this blog and read the post that talked about taking your time while making haste.  He was reminded that the real making haste is the meditation and getting centered.  What he seemed to be most excited about was the way it seemed to be in divine order that he read the post that pointed to his situation.

This morning I was thinking about how I needed to do a new You Tube video.  I was thinking that I don’t do enough videos.  I was also thinking about how I believe that most of the people who join the Meditative Zone and PositiveAmbassador.Org Community come from You Tube and it would really be nice if I made more videos. Then, literally minutes later, I check my email.   In it is a letter from Jill, a new reader here on the blog, and new member of the Meditative Zone Community.  This is what I read.

Jill says:

Thanks so much for your words of wisdom. I appreciate your time. I can’t believe I found you on Youtube! I’m impressed w/ your website and work and dedication to God and growth!


For me these were words from God, confirming the very thoughts I was just having about You Tube videos.  Just like my friend who read the post the previous day, I was truly excited when it all seemed to be in divine order.  I knew it was time to get moving on my next video.  I also thought about both my situation and Aaron’s.  He seemed to come to the blog for more insight and there it was in the first post he read.  In my situation, as I thought back, I remembered that I went to my email to see if there was anything in it in the form of a sign, and there it was in Jill’s letter as she spoke about the same subject I was just thinking about.  It seemed as though in both cases we were looking for signs and the signs showed up.  But I maintain that the Universe is always giving us signs and God is always talking to us, we just have to be open.


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