Taking Notice of What Works

The other day I was blogging and as soon as I began to write I felt incredibly peaceful.  Truthfully it was beyond peaceful.  I could barely feel my body, like I was in deep meditation.  I thought to myself, “if this feels this good, this is a definite message.  I should be writing and blogging all the time, for sure much more often than I do.”  It may sound simple but for me it was extremely profound, and the feeling that I had was truly incredible.

As I thought more about it.  I also thought about how I got out of my habit of getting up at 5 am to tend to my spiritual life more.  In my own defense, I went through a period where I was sick in the mornings and it threw me off.  I was still tending to my meditation etc, but not giving the extra time in the morning here recently.  Why is this such a big deal?   The feeling I have the days I do get up and take the extra early morning time is unbelievable and my days are so much different when I do this.  For me this is a sign from God and The Universe that this is what I need to be doing.  So now I am getting back to my morning commitment and blogging and writing more often.  I am also looking at the rest of my life and asking What other things do I need to pay attention to?  What other signs am I getting in the way of incredibly good feelings in situations or not so good feelings in situations?  Am I really paying attention to my dreams and remembering to move on the information coming my way?  These are questions we should all ask ourselves, because we are constantly being led by our deeper self, if we are open to being led.


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  1. Thanks for writing this. I’m recently came back to a relationship and my body just can’t relax into it. I”m an energy healer, meditator and I usually pay attention to the signs my body gives me. But in this scenario, my logic mind is trying to convince me my anxiety/lack of ability is to relax is because I just need to look at the situation differently, etc. In my heart and soul, the only thing that makes sense to me is that this must be where I’m supposed to be. And as I write I see it, I can’t be myself in that situation. And I’m happiest when I can be myself.

    1. Hello Jill

      Thank you for reading.I am so glad that you enjoy the blog. I think you should take it easy and continue to meditate and be open to signs from The Universe. What I mean by take it easy is take things one day at a time without making this such a big decision. Focus on enjoying life and your lesson. Ask God to show you the answer or better yet ask What is the lesson in this? Be enthused knowing you are on track to something wonderful. During this time meditate and continue to read and listen to uplifting information. If you have not already gotten your answer, it will come. If it has come, it will be even clearer. Thank you again for reading. You sound like a very insightful person.

      1. Thanks so much for your words of wisdom. I appreciate your time. I can’t believe I found you on Youtube! I’m impressed w/ your website and work and dedication to God and growth!

  2. Craig, I’m going through some challenging times right now and out of all the data on YouTube yours has been the most helpful and comforting. Your meditations help me to calm my mind and fall asleep. They come from a place of logic, wisdom, and are just very, very useful. I always say I know a good thing when I see one. So I thank you for all you do. ~Jill

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