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I think I mentioned before how many years ago when I first became a vegetarian I from time to time would go back to trying to eat some of my favorite meats.  One time in particular after not eating beef or pork for some time I had a taste for a Coney Island chilly dog.  When I ate it, I got sick.  My body was no longer used to breaking down such foods. When I told my teacher Mr. Ambrister.  He said “Oh, you have been experimenting.”

I knew what he meant.  He would always say that we were practicing spiritual science. The science of finding God and our higher self within.  He would also say to put this science to the test and find out for yourself if it is real.  I usually thought of this in terms of meditating deeply and seeing if what the incredible experiences that the great ones talked about were possible.  I found out that everything he told me was true.  I could with practice, meditate and see what was going on, on the other side of town.  I could know what was coming my way and see it clearly in advance.  I could see people’s motives and understand them if I let go of all judgement and loved them and then meditated.  I could be very stressed out and unhappy and meditate to have my whole mood change.  I tried these things and they worked.  But this time it was simple.  I went back to trying to eat food I should not and I got the result.  As he said I experimented.

Last night I experimented again.  Lately I have been discovering that I must cut back on cheese.  I guess in my mind I knew this was the case.  I had enough experiences to prove it so.   But my mind was not entirely made up.  I decided to pick up some cheese sticks on my way home.  The next morning after eating them my stomach and back was hurting.  I could hear Mr. Ambrister’s voice in my head saying “So you have been experimenting.”  I was thinking “yes I have, and the results are in.” 

I must also say that for the past several weeks I had been changing my eating habits for the better.  I was eating less cheese.  No cheese sticks at all and very little pizza. I was also done eating every evening by 7:30.  In addition to this, I was cutting back on the amount of bread I would eat and reducing my food portions.  I did all of this to see if it would end recent stomach problems I had developed.  The result was that the stomach problems were gone.  Not only was this the case but for sometime I had been wanting to lose about 20 pounds.  I was working and drinking only water, no flavored drinks.  No change.  But when I made the changes that led to the stomach problems leaving the weight magically dropped off.  This was an unexpected result and plus.

My point is this.  If you want to know something experiment and put it to the test.  Then pay attention to the results and live accordingly.


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  1. You have to listen to your body, when you are eating healthy, you get more energy and less acts and pains. Have you tried fasting for say a period of 10 days? I was just taking a glass of tomatoe juice with teaspoon lemon juice, cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of honey and drinking just 2 of those a day for 10 days. The results are great, your body feels good and your thoughts and mind become clearer.

    1. Hello Gary

      I agree. It is very important to listen to one’s body. The recent changes in diet I have made have been tremendous. I also agree with the point about the mind being clearer. As my teacher would say “when the body is clean God reveals. Often we know all these things and at times find ourselves still not acting in light of what we know. Then of course we get the lesson, and experience that comes with that. Hopefully at that point we take heed and live accordingly. Thanks so much my friend for your comment and information on the fast and drink. I will have to try it some time.

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