Ahamkara (The false idea of separate existence)

There is an interesting, Indian, Hindu term called ahamkara.  It is defined as the idea of separate existence.  I once heard the great mythologist, Joseph Campbell, refer to this word […]

God Is Always Talking To Us If We Are Open

Yesterday my good friend Aaron called me to tell me how he got an incredible sign.  He had a situation where he was feeling as though he had to hurry […]

Taking Notice of What Works

The other day I was blogging and as soon as I began to write I felt incredibly peaceful.  Truthfully it was beyond peaceful.  I could barely feel my body, like […]

The Real Making Haste

Lately I have been thinking about one of my teacher Mr. Ambrister’s sayings.   When I take time to really think about the meaning, it is one of the most […]

More Experimenting

I think I mentioned before how many years ago when I first became a vegetarian I from time to time would go back to trying to eat some of my favorite […]