Paying Attention To Dreams For Spiritual Growth

Dream (Photo credit: jbelluch)

This morning I awakened from an unpleasant dream.  In the dream someone made me quite angry and disrespected my daughter.  I let it go at the time but later out of the blue my anger got the best of me and I hit the guy.  I hit him pretty hard in the face, right in front of my children, and then told him to get up and fight.  I soon awakened.

The dream seemed to affect me more than I would have thought.  I kept thinking about how dark the whole scene was and how angry I was.  I also thought about how in the dream I did not do what my teacher told me I should do in certain situations.  I did not address it right away.  Instead I kept thinking about it getting angrier and angrier until I exploded.  Interestingly as I began to blog about this dream I remembered that on my favorite television show, there is a character who I tend to identify with.  The evening before the dream I almost could not watch because his daughter was being mistreated.  I was disgusted, but watched anyway.  My daughter is the same age as the girl on the show.

What do I take from all of this.  One thing is, I am fortunate to have my dreams to tell me more about myself and warn me of possible problems in my world.  We all have these dreams telling us about feelings we may not even know we have.  We also have dreams telling us about ideas we can move on and much more.  We just have to learn how to pay attention to our dreams.   I also am reminded to pay attention to my lessons.  In the dream I knew I should address the problem right away, but tried to let it go.  I should have paid attention to my intuition.  Not only do I do this in dream, but in real life.  I need to take heed to my intuition and do what I know I should.  This also applies to my watching the television show, knowing it was making me angry as I watched my boy Sonny’s daughter, Christina, being mistreated on General Hospital.  I should turned it off and put on one of my uplifting movies.  I could always come back and watch another evening.  Last, I need to finish my dream book.


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