More Clarity, A Reminder

With the meditation teachings my websites, blog, You tube, etc.  I simply want to share.  I want to share what I learn and let the rest fall where it may.  I want to be free in this process.  When I think about doing this I am free.  I also want the same for my gutter and window business.  I want to give the best service that we can at a fair price to as many as we can while being the best service we can.  With my home and family life I hope to do the same give the best I can and hope they can understand where I come from.  If not I still give all I can and let God handle the rest.  Thank you God for this moment of clarity.

I remind myself of  these things because it is so easy to forget and get caught up on outcome, being concerned with how much can I get out of these things.  I also remind myself that the more I meditate, the easier it is to remember my true motivation with these pursuits.


4 Replies to “More Clarity, A Reminder”

  1. I love this message! I forget and get way too caught up. Side tracking myself with 21 buffalo’s, and that’s just my half. I dont have near the clarity you do, but I get it peacemeal. Thx Teacher!

    1. Thank you Karen. I am glad you like the message. I was originally wondering if it was too short and not detailed enough. You are so right. It is very easy to get side tracked, but knowing this is half the battle.

  2. Yes meditating more is a great idea, it really does help to gain more clarity, awareness and understanding about what is happening in this world and what is going on between your ears. You have some very good insights.

  3. Thank you Gary. The input truly helps. I agree meditating does really help with clarity. It also helps to know that people get what I am trying to convey. Thanks again.

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