Don’t Be Afraid To Be Open To The Signs

English: One of de flooded areas of "Las ...
English: One of de flooded areas of “Las Tablas”. Water an sky in blue. Español: Una de las zonas inundadas de “Las Tablas”. Predominan los azules del cielo y el agua. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning I was at a place where I needed a sign.  See yesterday I was my normal happy self when all of a sudden bam!, out of nowhere, something entered my world.  Just when I thought I was at peace and untouchable.  Someone who I love and care about and give a lot of myself to expressed great resentment, enormous resentment, and even dislike and disrespect for me.  I tried to let go, and it worked to a certain extent, but I knew my peace was gone.  I came to many conclusions but the ultimate one was that I needed to let go of my false self.  I needed to remind myself that I am nobody.  Even though I was thinking this is what I need to do, I was not feeling it.

The next morning I decided to look for a sign when I went on the computer.  I was hoping for a sign to help me gain my peace back.  I figured I would see one in the current book I am working on or in the archives of my blog.  For some reason I went to my emails first.  One caught my eye from Karen, a member of and PositiveAmbassador.Org.  She commenting on a lesson I had done about two months ago in the Enlightenment Members section.  She was saying that she likes the weekly lessons but for some reason she keeps coming back to one in particular because it is so deep and one she needs to work on.  It was titled Let Go Of Your False Self, I Am Nobody.  This of course was my answer.  Just as I thought.  I need to remember that I am Nobody.  I am not the person that the other person is mad at.  That is their perception of me.  That is who they think I am, colored by whatever issues they may or not have, that have nothing to do with me.  In the scheme of things I am not even Craig.  I am the soul and spirit playing the part of Craig.  Most importantly I am an instrument of God and The Universe, here for specific reasons, trying to give and be in the ways God wants me to.  

When I remembered all of this, I felt totally different. In that moment I could barely feel my body.  I knew this was my message from God and I was at peace.  The interesting thing is, I thought about this before, but could not feel it.  But when I asked God to give me a sign and it showed up right away being the very same lesson I was thinking about, that did it.  I was suddenly in a whole different place.

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