Paying Attention To Dreams For Spiritual Growth

This morning I awakened from an unpleasant dream.  In the dream someone made me quite angry and disrespected my daughter.  I let it go at the time but later out […]

Understanding The Guru Concept

My teacher, Mr. Ambrister, used to say that “I am much different when my students are around.”  This is just one of several sayings he had that helped to understand […]

More Clarity, A Reminder

With the meditation teachings my websites, blog, You tube, etc.  I simply want to share.  I want to share what I learn and let the rest fall where it may. […]


This is a letter to myself and I am not even sure if it will make the blog.  If you find yourself reading it I guess that means that after […]

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Open To The Signs

This morning I was at a place where I needed a sign.  See yesterday I was my normal happy self when all of a sudden bam!, out of nowhere, something […]