Where You Go In The Hereafter Depends On What You Go Hereafter

Blue Skies, smiling at me....
Blue Skies, smiling at me…. (Photo credit: jimflix!)

This morning I had a wonderful dream in which one of my teacher, Mr. Ambrister’s students, was walking in, about to attend one of my meditation classes.  In real life, she has not been to the classes in some time, because of her work schedule.  It was nice to see that she was still with the group and wanting to attend.  We talked for a minute or two, and then I awakened.  When I woke up from the dream, it felt nice to have been teaching in the dream realm.  At times I have had dreams in which I was teaching and truly felt like the class had taken place.  Some times I even used the subject matter I had in my dream for my next subject when giving a talk.  This was sort of like that.  It was real on some level, even if it just told me where her mind was.  What I liked most about the dream was that I was doing what I love in my dream, teaching.  It may not sound like much but I could have had any kind of dream the imagination allows.  I could have been worried about something or in an unpleasant situation, but no I was doing what I love, teaching the meditation path.

That same morning my youngest son Jordan told me that he had the coolest dream.  Jordan is six years old by the way.  He said he was some character from his video game and was being a hero.  As soon as Jordan told me about the dream I thought about the similarities between our dreams.  I knew it had something to do with my dream even before he got into talking about it.  But as he talked about it, I found it interesting how we both went someplace we liked and enjoyed in our dreams.  As he talked about his dream I thought “of course he would dream such a dream. This is what is on his mind and what he spends a lot of time doing, playing video games and imagining that he is a super hero.”  Then I thought, “it’s the same thing with me and my dream.  I went to where I have been going.”  As my teacher would say “where you go in the hereafter, depends on what you go hereafter.”  Spend your days thinking about and teaching meditation, spirituality, and loving it, and your dreams at night, and your tomorrows will reflect this.

Want to know what tomorrow will be like? Want to know what type of dreams you will have?  Look at what you are doing now.   Look at what you are thinking about now.  Look at what you are talking about now.  Where you go in the hereafter, depends on what you go hereafter.

A sign for avoiding problems

This evening I had some minor trouble with someone in my world.  The problems with this person seem to be recurring. I asked myself the question whether or not I should avoid being around and dealing with this person.  I decided to open up a book that I had next to me expecting the answer to be on that page.  The page I read basically said that we should love those who are delusional or less realized, but don’t spend too much time around them.

It was surprising how the page seemed to go right into what I was asking about, but the truth is this happens all the time.  In my heart of hearts I already knew what to do, but it was still nice and fun getting the message.  If you have not tried it yet, you should try it some time.  Put a question in your mind and then expect the answer to be on whatever page you open to.

Morning Meditation and Harmony


Homage to Art Blakey - feat. former Jazz Messe...
Homage to Art Blakey – feat. former Jazz Messengers, Teatro dell’Osservanza – Imola (BO) (Photo credit: zioWoody)

This morning I had a wonderful meditation.  I went deeper than I had been going lately and it seemed so effortless.  After I finished meditating, I was thinking that my wife and I have not been out this spring and summer at all.  Maybe we have seen a movie or two, but that is about it.  I thought maybe we should see a concert or something soon.  Then I started getting my youngest son Jordan ready for camp.  I decided to read my emails while he finished breakfast.  I saw an email from my Mom Aleatha.  She was inviting my wife and I to Jazz on the river.  A yearly concert coming up on Wednesday, that she describes as wonderful.  My first thought was “we have to go.  I was just thinking about such a thing.”  Of course all of this came after a wonderful morning meditation.  Some may say it was a coincidence. But I say not so.  The more I meditate, the more harmony I see.


Happiness and The Law of Karma

Happy face ball
Happy face ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning I read a paragraph from two different books.  The first was from Super Rich by Russell Simmons.  It was from a chapter titled The Happy Hustler.  He was saying when we approach our work with a smile and treat success and failure the same way, we will have our choice of blessings.  Then I read from Exkankar The Key to Secret Worlds by Paul Twitchell.  This paragraph was from a chapter titled Solving Life’s Problems with the Law of Karma.  He was saying that the law is so universal that it is a wonder that we don’t all apply it in all areas.  He went on to say that Jesus said we reap what we sow.  Buddha called it the law of balance.  Paul Twitchell also reminded the readers that Emmerson called karma the law of compensation.  My thought is you get what you give.

In other words if you want to be happy.  Be happy.  Your happiness will multiply.  So if you have a problem.  Find things to be thankful for, excited and happy about.  I know it sounds crazy, but it works.  What you put out multiplies in the world and in your life.

Just recently I had to apply this to my world.  It was a last resort.  I was up against the wall so to speak.  I had an epiphany.  I started thanking God, in my mind, for everything good in my life.  Within 48 hours everything changed.  My problem left, and I began to see life from a new perspective.  With all that I have learned over the years I could not believe how much I was still missing in certain areas in my life.  The truth is I was not willing to apply the law in certain areas.  But man did it make a difference when i finally did.  Be happy and experience more happiness.


Independence Day

Today is a special day for me.  It is Independence Day.  This is a day in which people in the U.S.A. celebrate freedom.  For me it is a day that is most special because not only does it mean freedom for the Country.  For me it symbolizes moksha or liberation from the material of this world, being free enough to be in this world and not of it, being able to live life to the fullest, not being attached to what happens as you do.  The reason why I choose this day, Independence Day to reflect on this, is because it is the birthday of the most free man I have ever met, my teacher, Mr. Ambrister.

Mr. Ambrister passed about 9 years ago.  The man taught me so much about the spiritual path and the path of life, that it is unbelievable.  He not only taught me how to go within, but he also taught me how to see life as a wonderful adventure and game, and live accordingly.  He taught me that God is within, and that I can close my eyes and clear my mind and connect at any time.  This connecting with the Universe can literally give you any information you want to know about anything, if you are willing to practice clearing your mind using the techniques given.  I could go on and on, but the bottom line is this.  My teacher Mr. Ambrister was a teacher after whom you need no other.  He taught how to go within and contact God and your higher self.  The rest you learn from God and your higher self as you practice.

Taking all of this into consideration I have to ask myself, am I living up to what I have been given?  Am I using all he has given me or am I sometimes allowing myself to be overwhelmed by situations that can be easily conquered if I use the wonderful techniques given to me years ago?  The truth is sometimes I have lived as taught and had astonishingly, miraculous results.  Sometimes I have not.  Sometimes I have made the mistake of letting my fears get the best of me. For those times, I am ashamed.  As I reflect today, I decide to move forward putting it all on the line, much more often, taking whatever chances I must, armed with my meditation practice and the sound and light of God, the way my teacher taught me.  I move forward more committed than ever, in honor of my teacher, Mr. Thomas Ambrister.


Craig Kimbrough

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