Where You Go In The Hereafter Depends On What You Go Hereafter

This morning I had a wonderful dream in which one of my teacher, Mr. Ambrister’s students, was walking in, about to attend one of my meditation classes.  In real life, […]

A sign for avoiding problems

This evening I had some minor trouble with someone in my world.  The problems with this person seem to be recurring. I asked myself the question whether or not I should […]

Morning Meditation and Harmony

  This morning I had a wonderful meditation.  I went deeper than I had been going lately and it seemed so effortless.  After I finished meditating, I was thinking that […]

Happiness and The Law of Karma

This morning I read a paragraph from two different books.  The first was from Super Rich by Russell Simmons.  It was from a chapter titled The Happy Hustler.  He was […]

Independence Day

Today is a special day for me.  It is Independence Day.  This is a day in which people in the U.S.A. celebrate freedom.  For me it is a day that […]