Do we ever really get there?

Recently a friend of mine asked a question during a meditation class.  He asked if we ever really get there.  I knew what he meant.  Do we ever reach this wonderful enlightened state where we are at peace and one with God, The Universe, and in that Heavenly state of mind?  Do we ever become free of fear and worry? Do we  get to live with a lasting sense of peace and happiness, and still feel completely alive in an adventure?

I think back to a story told by Parahansa Yogananda.  He talked about feeling disconnected with God during a certain time period.  It got to be so agonizing that he asked God to please come to him.  He was crying in pain. God came to him and told him, “when you could see me in your world you were close to me.”  When you were longing to see me, you were thinking of me, and you were close to me.”  He said after this he went through seven months of complete bliss.  No  matter where he was or what he was doing he felt an incredible sense of happiness.

My answer to my friend was that when truly get the lesson, we will feel extremely good, magically in touch with the Universe.  When we get whatever the Universe is trying to tell us through our situation, we will have signs from God letting us know we are in a different place than normal life.  Parahansa’s bliss was an example of this.

It is also true that when we truly get the lesson, the karma will be transcended.  Our situation will change.  Parahansa’s pain left, his agony left, when he got the lesson that he is connected and close to God, when God is on his mind.  Not only did his pain and unhappiness leave, but he moved into incredible happiness and bliss.  His karma was transcended.

The thing is, we are always in the midst of a lesson.  We need to realize that the lesson is where God is.  When we get the lesson we will see God.  We will see how everything was designed for us to get it.  We will see magic and harmony.  We will not trade it, our lesson, and all that came along with it, for nothing, because it led to the incredible sense of oneness we are experiencing.

When Parahansa Yoganada cried to God, he let go of his will.  We must let go of our will to get the lesson.  When we do we move into the will of God and the Universe.  We become one.  We get incredible ideas and information that are beyond where we normally are.  We act differently.  We think differently.  Once again, the knowledge Parahonsa received letting him know that whenever his mind is on God, God is right there, moved him into a state of incredible bliss.  He was there.  We can be there too, but we must let go of our will, and our plans and truly be open to the lesson.



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    1. Wayne I am with you. That has become my goal in life. I think that is the key, for it to be the main goal in each moment. Along with our meditations, both sitting and walking, we have to choose the heavenly state over being angry or upset, or fearful in a given moment. I have so much more to say on this, maybe I will do a post on it.

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