You are nobody. A reminder and revelation.

The Legend of Bagger Vance
The Legend of Bagger Vance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My message for today came at me loud and clearly even screaming.  I was walking outside to my garage thinking.  I was thinking about people in my world, particularly the ones who I feel my relationship with could be better.  As I thought about this I saw my next door neighbor.  A young girl about 10 years old.  I spoke to her.  She reluctantly spoke back.  I thought to myself that I had made a connection with her younger brother and although he did not want to speak at first, we speak now.  He usually looks happy to see me.  I began to wonder what is it about me and certain people?  I get along with most, but some people, then I thought “wait, you are nobody.”  Suddenly I got this wonderfully peaceful feeling, complete with all the sensations of a deep meditation.  When this happens I tend to take notice of either what I said or what’s going on.  I thought I am nobody. Why did I feel this way from saying that?  Then I realized that this was to be my message for the day.

I thought about the last chapter of my first book. What If My Soul Is Eternal and Heaven Is Everywhere? The chapter is titled “More on Remaining In The Kingdom, You are no longer you.”  It mentions that wonderful scene in the movie Bagger Vance.  When asked how is he going to help poor Junuh who is clearly struggling with his game and in life.  Bagger says “Oh you want to know my strategy.  My player has a problem right now.  He still thinks he’s Rannulph Junuh  .”  The inquirer answers.  “He is Rannulph Junuh, you twit.” Bagger responds “well he is and he aint.”  Bagger knew that his job was to get Junuh off all his concerns that came along with being Junuh.  “What will they think if I can’t hang with these two greats?  Will I be letting the people of my town down?  Will I get my game back? How can I compete with the two golfing gods, Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen, when I am just an amateur?”  Bagger had to get Junuh to see he is one with the ball and the club and the course and truly let all other thoughts go.  As I thought about this, I realized once again that this is what I must do in life.  Forget about whether someone likes or understands Craig.  Focus on just sharing and giving without the concerns with how the outcome of my giving or sharing effects Craig or the perception of Craig. In reality I am simply an instrument of God playing the role of Craig and hopefully being open enough to do it the way in which God and the Universe wants it to be done.  Once again as I processed it all I felt so free.



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