This past week my message has been based on a story about embracing right where you are, realizing God is right there with you.  The same story seemed to keep showing up everywhere I looked.  Then, yesterday I looked at a previous post in this blog randomly, saying “whatever I open to will be my message for today.”  The post talked about not casting pearls before swine.  It was about not sharing information with people who are not ready for it.  Truthfully, I went on about my day without thinking much about it.  Then this morning, I opened up my book Wise Words for a message to start my day.  It read “Do Not Caste Pearls Before Swine.”

This time as I read I paid more attention to the message, and thought about how it may be relevant to what is going on in my life at the moment.  I felt like God and the Universe was saying “I tried to tell you yesterday.  Pay attention.”

It was a reminder that we are in a perfect Universe that is always trying to guide us if we pay attention and remain open.  Everything is working for us.  We just have to move into the harmony and pay attention to the lesson at hand.

Thank you,


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