Do we ever really get there?

Recently a friend of mine asked a question during a meditation class.  He asked if we ever really get there.  I knew what he meant.  Do we ever reach this […]

When You Know

Today’s post comes from my second book Wise Words.  It applies to both people and situations.  It can apply to having faith in God or faith in the way people […]

You are nobody. A reminder and revelation.

My message for today came at me loud and clearly even screaming.  I was walking outside to my garage thinking.  I was thinking about people in my world, particularly the […]

Are You Taking The Time You Need To Be Who You Really Are? Are you neglecting your dharma?

This post is for those of us who for whatever reason find ourselves not taking time to truly be ourselves.  The ancients have a term called dharma.  Dharma means duty. […]


This past week my message has been based on a story about embracing right where you are, realizing God is right there with you.  The same story seemed to keep […]