Bridging The Gap Serving and floating (Devotional Service and Heaven Here and Now)

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The Bhagavad-Gita speaks on devotional service as a means of attaining the spiritual goal of experiencing oneness.  Part of the goal is to perform all duties with God in mind, as a means to serving God.  If one can do this, the action is performed without concern for the result of the action as much as concern for doing what God wants.  If the student is able to achieve this, he is in the world but not of the world.  She can live a normal life, enjoy that life, without being worried about what is happening during life.

My teacher Mr. Ambrister told me, “going to heaven is not enough.  You have to bring Heaven back here.”  At one time I thought that bringing Heaven back here meant not only should I enjoy the bliss of meditation, I had to enjoy being here as much as possible. This may be true, but there is another way of looking at it.  It can also mean that we must bring the ways of Heaven back here and allow God to come through.

For example I gave a talk for the Theosophical society years ago.  Afterwards my teacher, Mr. Ambrister, and  I were listening to the tape.   I told Mr. Ambrister how surprised I was.  I told stories that I did not even know that I knew and added all kinds of jokes to make points that I did not know I was going to make.  I literally felt like I floated through the entire experience.  The people loved it and so did I.  The head of the Detroit chapter was shocked she kept telling me “I did not know, you are a master.”  As we listened to the tape the next day, he said “sonny that was not you talking on that tape.  That was God.  The Universe was talking through you.  You were just an instrument.”  I thought about it later and realized that I simply got so caught up in the material, that I became the material.  I had no concerns about anything else.  I was not worried about how it would be received or anything else.  That material I was focused on for the talk was purely spiritual, which was an added bonus.

When we serve with God in mind and we have higher thoughts in mind, God comes through.  And where else is Heaven, but the place where God is.  Even if we keep our focus on God and the incredible mystery of the Universe, without our ego based thoughts, we will find ourselves floating through this world and serving God.  The one thing that sticks in my mind for devotional service and being in Heaven is, for me the key seems to be keeping up my meditations and having God and the magic of the Universe in mind as much as possible.


Craig Kimbrough

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