On Ruling Your Kingdom

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Heraldic Royal Crown of Spain Català: Corona Reial Heràldic d’Espanya Español: Representación heráldica de la Corona Real Española (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is your world out-of-order?  Do you want it back in order?  Then the logical answer would be to do what you have to do in order to get things the way they need to be.  But what if you are not the problem?  What if the people around you are out-of-order?  What do you do then?  What if it is your husband or wife, employer or employees, your children, friends and relatives?

First, I would say to take a very careful examination and make sure it is not you that is the problem.  Make sure that you are doing all you can and giving all you can in your world.  First make sure you are in order.  If you are doing all you can, and these other people are still the problem then believe it or not, you are still the problem.  You have to learn how to rule your kingdom. Your world and the people in it are all part of your kingdom.  They are reflections of the way you run or don’t run your world.

You have to learn how to kindly, in a spirit of love, let these people in your world know how you are to be treated and what is expected in your interactions with them.  For me it means stepping up my meditations, because this is not my nature to rule this way.  My nature is to expect people to know what is the right thing.  When they do not do it, I try to let it go this time, after all they know better.  They keep on doing what  I see as the wrong thing towards me or my kingdom that I am responsible for. I get more and more angry until I act out.  This is my nature, but I have learned how to move beyond my nature, and so can you.

First you must realize and remind yourself that your world is your kingdom and you are the king or queen.  Next you must know that the king or queen must not only rule but serve.  As a matter of fact you rule so you can better serve those who you are meant to serve.  Next you must remember that even those who are not acting in the correct manner are your friend, doing the best they know how.  They are acting out of feelings that you know nothing about.  Then move forward in a spirit of love and all of this in mind  and confidently in a relaxed manner address the situation.  If you walk in like this, the results will be mind-blowing.  You don’t even have to know what to say or how to act, just walk in with the full intent described.  The Universe will handle the details.  The words or right actions will come to you.   The outcome will be astonishing and you won’t believe how good and peaceful you felt through the process.

Once again it helps to meditate prior to this process.  It can be in the lotus position or a sitting down meditation, or it can be simply repeating your mantra just prior addressing the situation.  For more on meditation and mantras click on the free meditation link above.



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