Hitting Rock Bottom Can Be A Most Positive Place

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Hitting rock bottom, What does that mean?  For me it means I refuse to go any lower than this.  For me it means, I am willing to do whatever it takes to get up from here.  The most interesting thing is that rock bottom has its own particular look for each one of the lucky people who find themselves in that place.  Did I say lucky people?  What is so fortunate about hitting a place that you never wanted to hit?  The good thing is if it is truly rock bottom that means you have finally been hit so hard that you will do something about it and make the change.  You will finally make the change that God and The Universe has been trying to get you to make.

What is the change that needs to be made?  Once again for each person it will be different.  For one person that change can be to get into a drug rehab center.  For another that change can be to go back to school.  That change could be to be a more loving person.  That change can be to meditate more often.  The change can be to finally give all you have towards your dream.  It can be to enjoy life the way it is right now and see where that takes you.  It can be to connect with and see God in your world.

The point is life is about growth and change.  Sometimes for the big changes we have to get hit hard.  We have to feel the pain of not being where we should be.  Pain is a good thing sometimes.  As I heard it said before, without pain we could leave our hand on a hot stove and not know when to take it off until it is too late.  Pay attention and get moving.  Even if your life is great right now.  There is a potential life waiting that is even greater.



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