Stepping Up Your Spiritual Game

Pride & Prejudice Delux Edition
Pride & Prejudice Delux Edition (Photo credit: sassattack)

Tonight I find myself watching a movie called Lost in Austin.  I specifically chose to watch this movie tonight because of the subject matter.  It is about a woman who reads the book Pride and Prejudice so much that she finds herself entering into the dimension of the book.  It reminds me of the possibility of being able to go to other realms by way of meditation or dream.  Quite often I will get answers and information from my dreams and dream-like meditations.  And when I have these dreams or experiences in other realms, man do they feel real.

Sometimes I will even choose to have a dream about a particular subject or ask to be given an answer to a particular situation in my dream prior to having it.  I am often shocked at how I am accommodated with a dream that gives me just what I was looking for and often even more than I expected. Watching movies like Lost in Austin always seems to help out the process.  It’s amazing how seeing such things depicted can prepare and open our minds for such possibilities.

Here lately I have decided to watch a different movie each night that reminds me of my spirituality and higher possibilities.  This is just one of several things I am doing to step up my spiritual game.  My question to you is, Do you have anything that you find yourself doing to step things up?  If so, please feel free to share.



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