A Reminder of What’s Most Important

Two days ago I had some issues going on in my life.  I meditated and during the meditation I got some information in a dreamlike thought telling me to wait one more day.  I decided to do just that.  I would wait one day and see if I get some enlightening information coming my way.

Well the next morning it came.  I was told that my mothers god-daughter, Christy, made her transition.  The news hit me hard.  Probably harder than you would think because I did not know her well.  Although I did not know her well, I thought well of Christy, and always heard good things about her.  She was like a part of my family.  My mother would visit her in Atlanta, and although she was sick she would always seem sweet as we relayed hello back and forth and I heard her in the background.

I thought about how Christy was only 49, just two years older than me.  This reminded me that I have so much to do and express before I leave.  I have been here too long and know too much not to continuously be in my authentic place.  I am often, but not often enough.  I wondered if this was the reason I felt so compelled to watch It’s A Wonderful Life the previous night.  I watch this movie from time to time when I want to be reminded to focus on what’s really important, and make sure I live a certain way before I leave.  As I thought about those things, my other concerns from a day or so ago were all put in perspective.

What’s most important is being all I can be to my kids and the people who depend on me.  It’s also important to let the people who I love know that I do love them, even those who may not understand me.  It’s also important to live the life I feel God and The Universe has revealed to me I should be living, truly express myself in that way, and give as much as I can in the way God wants me to.  My job is to be open and follow God’s signs, no matter how scary that me be at times.  The rest is really not that important to me, so why sweat it?

I really cannot express enough the love and compassion I have for Christy and her entire family.


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