A Tip For Having The Inner Darshan A Most Positive Experience On Both The Meditative And Positive Path

Mr. Ambrister

In meditation circles there is an incredibly deep term called darshan.  There is both an outer darshan and an inner darshan.  Darshan can mean to embrace or hold and it can mean to behold in vision.  One of the most sought after experiences on the meditation path is to obtain the darshan of the teacher.  Now I am speaking of the inner darshan.  If one can move to the level of having the inner Darshan, being in the presence of the teacher without having to travel in the physical to see him or her, one has made quite an accomplishment.

The same principle is true in all situations for people in all walks of life.   if we can move to this level of reaching the inner darshan of your objective, you have made quite an accomplishment and achieved an objective sought after by many great yogis.  Many meditation students go for years and even a lifetime longing for darshan.  Today I am going to reveal a secret to obtaining it.  This secret is depicted in two of my favorite movies. They are Julie and Julia, and Lost In Austin.

In Julie and Julia the main character Julie is writing a blog based on her experiences she has while cooking a different recipe from Julia Child’s cookbook every day for a year.  During the process, she finds herself thinking about Julia Child and talking to her as if she was right there with her.  Eventually Julia Child starts talking back to her in her mind.  It was like her subconscious talked to Julia Child’s subconscious.  It was incredible, and very much like what happens to the sincere seeker on the meditation path.  He or she becomes so attuned to the teachings and the teacher that the teacher comes to life in the students mind.   He begins to see the teacher and have conversations in dream and meditation.  This is more than just imagination.  There is an inner connection that is developed through such a process.

This also happens with situations.  If we become totally wrapped up in a particular thought or idea, we will start to have inner visions attuning us to it more.  Soon, we may even have the experience of the situation appearing in our life without even knowing how we made it happen.  This is what happens in the movie Lost In Austin.  Amanda thinks about, reads about, fantasizes about, the book and atmosphere of Pride and Prejudice so much that she literally finds herself entering that world.  This is much more than fantasy.  I have seen such things time and time again.  On several occasions I have had situations that I imagined but seemed almost impossible to come to life, actually show up.  This is what happened when I met my teacher Mr. Ambrister.  I believed and lived my life as if a meditation master, or guru was going to magically show up in my world, and help me along my way. Within one week of deciding to do so, I met my teacher.  It was as if unseen forces had arranged circumstances leading up to the encounter.


Craig Kimbrough


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