Stepping Up Your Spiritual Game

Tonight I find myself watching a movie called Lost in Austin.  I specifically chose to watch this movie tonight because of the subject matter.  It is about a woman who […]

Interview With Karen, A Positive Ambassador Spreading Positivity at Meijer

Craig:  Your question to me when I asked you to do the interview was “Why me?’ And my answer was because quite often I look for everyday people who I […]

A Reminder of What’s Most Important

Two days ago I had some issues going on in my life.  I meditated and during the meditation I got some information in a dreamlike thought telling me to wait […]

A Tip For Having The Inner Darshan A Most Positive Experience On Both The Meditative And Positive Path

In meditation circles there is an incredibly deep term called darshan.  There is both an outer darshan and an inner darshan.  Darshan can mean to embrace or hold and it […]