With Signs and Help From The Universe I Should Never Worry About Anything (From Craig’s Journal)

This morning I heard the birds chirping as I walked down the driveway taking out the trash.

Magnificent Magnolia at Pine Lodge, near to Ch...

They seemed to be singing louder than usual, almost like they were somehow trying to catch my attention.  I guess on some level they did, because they along with the incredible warm breeze I felt, were reminding me how wonderful the weather is, and how God and the Universe have been truly been taking care of me.

In my world the weather is a big thing.  I have a seasonal business that is dependent on warm weather.  We usually don’t work January through March.  If we are lucky, we may get a little work in during he last week of March.  Once again, that is if we are lucky.  This year,  I have had unusually high, and unexpected expenses during the winter.  I began to wonder if I would make it to spring without having to borrow money.  But I had an interesting thing going on.  Everywhere I went, I kept noticing people telling me the same thing.  They would say “your business will be starting early this year because we are going to have an early spring.”  I would try to inform them that it would have to be more than an early spring.  People would have to have in their minds that it was truly spring right away with some really good weather, in order for them to start thinking about having work done early.

One day in late February, when hearing such a comment about my business starting early this year, I got this feeling I get when I need to pay attention.  I took it as a sign.  I told myself I will plan on starting early and this will be what carries me through financially.  As soon as I thought this, I began to hear the inner sound.  To some this may sound strange, but the inner sound is just the Om vibration, also known as the sound of silence one hears during deep meditation.  If I hear it when I am not meditating, I see it as a sign that I should pay attention.

Well, as I said I took this as a sign and kept thinking about how I will start early this season. I made it a point to hurry to get done with my winter activities and often reminded myself that I don’t have much time left before my busy season.  Then another interesting thing happened.  We got record warm temperatures for this March, going as high as 80 degrees.  Of course, this put people in the mindset of spring quite early and we were busier than usual this time of year.  The signs of an early start came true and any money concerns were gone.  As I thought about all of this.  I found myself thinking about how many times I have gotten signs and help from the Universe.  There have been many.  So many, that my next thought was that I should never waste time worrying about anything.  I should just remain centered and watch how miraculously everything comes together.



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