It’s Gonna Be Easy!

Yesterday I opened up my second book, Wise Words, for my message for the day.  Wise Words is based on sayings I learned from my teacher, Mr. Ambrister, and often reminds me of my times and lessons with him.  The Page I opened to was titled “It’s Gonna B

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e Easy!” It is something he would say to me often, particularly when the situation looked difficult or even impossible.  I thought about how things are easy once we get centered. The key is to get centered and then the difficult problem becomes easy.

After reading and reflecting on this, I went about my day.  The next morning, this morning, I was thinking about my message for the day.  What will it be?  Then I thought about yesterday’s message. I thought, “nothing became easy.  Although life is good, I did not see things being especially easy or easier than usual showing up in my life yesterday.  Maybe I was supposed to be comforted about something, and know that it will be easily handled.”  Then I realized that I did have a major concern hanging over my head. “Maybe that will become easy” I thought.   I decided to open up another book.  Prior to opening, I wondered if things being easy was still my message. I even wondered if maybe that was a primary message for the rest of my life, that whatever is going on can be easily handled, no matter what it is any given time.  I knew by opening my new manuscript I would not get a page telling me it’s gonna be easy, but I thought if I do open up to those words, I will know beyond a doubt that is the case for all situations in my life.  It would be too coincidental.  It would be a definite sign.

The page I opened up to talked about transcending karma.  It explained about how we can transcend karma simply by getting the lesson.  I said to myself “what is my lesson at hand? What if my lesson is that my whole life is going to be easy, and I must walk in a way that makes it so?   I guess I could not get things being easy off my mind.  I opened up to another page in my manuscript for more clarification.

The page talked about how we are in the place of our highest good right now and things are working out in ways in which we can’t see at the moment.  Then came the shocker.  On this page in the manuscript was a story Itold about a difficult situation I overcame.  One that started out looking impossible and became easy.  I even mentioned how Mr. Ambrister would say, “it’s gonna be easy.”  I was shocked, I forgot I included the story and the mentioning of the saying in the manuscript for my new book, but as I was reading it I had no doubt that this was my message and lesson at hand.  It was now time for me to move into and realize that my whole life is gonna be easy and things are always working out in ways that I can’t see at the moment.

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