A reminder. The great sages are very careful of what they say, because they know that everything they say comes true.

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Yesterday my sister Traci invited me to lunch at a restaurant that she had been meaning to try for some time.  She said it was called Bario.  I never heard of it before, but I knew that it was going to be somewhat upscale because it was located in downtown Birmingham. That area is filled with really nice upscale shops and restaurants.

On my way to meet her, I realized that this was the same place I had passed a week or so ago as I was leaving the movie theater.  As I was walking pass the place, it caught my attention.  I found myself thinking “that place really looks upscale for a Mexican restaurant.”  I was looking in the window and could see the decor.  Then I said. “Didn’t that used to be the Blue Martini?”  The Blue Martini was this cool looking upscale bar that closed some time ago.  My next thought was “Well it makes sense.  The Blue Martini had a certain style, so why not put something else there with a little chic style to it?”  It was my first time seeing a chic looking Mexican bar and Restaurant, but I thought the idea was pretty cool.  As I kept walking I said to myself “I have to try that place sometime.  Maybe I’ll take the wife there one day.”  Then I kept walking to my Truck and left.

As I was headed to meet Traci for lunch, I thought about how this was beyond coincidence that I was saying that I had to try this place, just one week ago.  Imagine how many bars and restaurants are in the Detroit Metro Area? What are the odds of that, my sister asking her to meet her there just one week later? Then I got this really cool mystical feeling.  I was reminded of a saying that goes like this.  “The great sages are careful what the talk about because they know everything they say comes true.”  In my life I have noticed this to be the case more and more over the years.  I can think I need something and it will literally just show up out of the blue.  I can think I need to talk to someone and have not seen them in years, and then walk right up to them.  One of my favorites is when I needed an extra hour in my morning one day. After my wife’s clock went off, I said “I really need it to be six o clock instead of seven.  Man If that happened it would be a miracle.”  To my surprise, when I looked at the clock it was six not seven.  I wrote about this in a post titled Miracle Yes Or No.  My point is this. We create our own worlds by our thoughts, words, and environments we place ourselves in.  So  be careful what you watch, listen to, think about, and by all means, what you say. It very well just may come show up.  By the way a friend of mine read this and pointed out that I did not mention how the food was.  It was incredibly good.


Craig Kimbrough

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