With Signs and Help From The Universe I Should Never Worry About Anything (From Craig’s Journal)

This morning I heard the birds chirping as I walked down the driveway taking out the trash. They seemed to be singing louder than usual, almost like they were somehow […]

It’s Gonna Be Easy!

Yesterday I opened up my second book, Wise Words, for my message for the day.  Wise Words is based on sayings I learned from my teacher, Mr. Ambrister, and often […]

Bridging The Gap Of Metaphysical Truths, Truth Is Truth and Universal

As I mentioned in my last post I was watching Oprah’s Next Chapter the other day.  She was talking with the family of Whitney Houston.  As Oprah was talking with […]

Moving beyond notoriety and perceived success to peace and happiness

Today I found myself watching Oprah’s Next Chapter and she was talking with the family of Whitney Houston.  There were a couple of things that came out that really struck […]

What’s it all about? Once Again I am reminded that there are no coincidences as I meet a positive ambassador (Chris)

Yesterday I took my youngest son to the park.  We had a ball, and I must say as I chased him around and did a few chin ups on a […]

A reminder. The great sages are very careful of what they say, because they know that everything they say comes true.

Yesterday my sister Traci invited me to lunch at a restaurant that she had been meaning to try for some time.  She said it was called Bario.  I never heard […]