With Signs and Help From The Universe I Should Never Worry About Anything (From Craig’s Journal)

This morning I heard the birds chirping as I walked down the driveway taking out the trash.

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They seemed to be singing louder than usual, almost like they were somehow trying to catch my attention.  I guess on some level they did, because they along with the incredible warm breeze I felt, were reminding me how wonderful the weather is, and how God and the Universe have been truly been taking care of me.

In my world the weather is a big thing.  I have a seasonal business that is dependent on warm weather.  We usually don’t work January through March.  If we are lucky, we may get a little work in during he last week of March.  Once again, that is if we are lucky.  This year,  I have had unusually high, and unexpected expenses during the winter.  I began to wonder if I would make it to spring without having to borrow money.  But I had an interesting thing going on.  Everywhere I went, I kept noticing people telling me the same thing.  They would say “your business will be starting early this year because we are going to have an early spring.”  I would try to inform them that it would have to be more than an early spring.  People would have to have in their minds that it was truly spring right away with some really good weather, in order for them to start thinking about having work done early.

One day in late February, when hearing such a comment about my business starting early this year, I got this feeling I get when I need to pay attention.  I took it as a sign.  I told myself I will plan on starting early and this will be what carries me through financially.  As soon as I thought this, I began to hear the inner sound.  To some this may sound strange, but the inner sound is just the Om vibration, also known as the sound of silence one hears during deep meditation.  If I hear it when I am not meditating, I see it as a sign that I should pay attention.

Well, as I said I took this as a sign and kept thinking about how I will start early this season. I made it a point to hurry to get done with my winter activities and often reminded myself that I don’t have much time left before my busy season.  Then another interesting thing happened.  We got record warm temperatures for this March, going as high as 80 degrees.  Of course, this put people in the mindset of spring quite early and we were busier than usual this time of year.  The signs of an early start came true and any money concerns were gone.  As I thought about all of this.  I found myself thinking about how many times I have gotten signs and help from the Universe.  There have been many.  So many, that my next thought was that I should never waste time worrying about anything.  I should just remain centered and watch how miraculously everything comes together.



It’s Gonna Be Easy!

Yesterday I opened up my second book, Wise Words, for my message for the day.  Wise Words is based on sayings I learned from my teacher, Mr. Ambrister, and often reminds me of my times and lessons with him.  The Page I opened to was titled “It’s Gonna B

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e Easy!” It is something he would say to me often, particularly when the situation looked difficult or even impossible.  I thought about how things are easy once we get centered. The key is to get centered and then the difficult problem becomes easy.

After reading and reflecting on this, I went about my day.  The next morning, this morning, I was thinking about my message for the day.  What will it be?  Then I thought about yesterday’s message. I thought, “nothing became easy.  Although life is good, I did not see things being especially easy or easier than usual showing up in my life yesterday.  Maybe I was supposed to be comforted about something, and know that it will be easily handled.”  Then I realized that I did have a major concern hanging over my head. “Maybe that will become easy” I thought.   I decided to open up another book.  Prior to opening, I wondered if things being easy was still my message. I even wondered if maybe that was a primary message for the rest of my life, that whatever is going on can be easily handled, no matter what it is any given time.  I knew by opening my new manuscript I would not get a page telling me it’s gonna be easy, but I thought if I do open up to those words, I will know beyond a doubt that is the case for all situations in my life.  It would be too coincidental.  It would be a definite sign.

The page I opened up to talked about transcending karma.  It explained about how we can transcend karma simply by getting the lesson.  I said to myself “what is my lesson at hand? What if my lesson is that my whole life is going to be easy, and I must walk in a way that makes it so?   I guess I could not get things being easy off my mind.  I opened up to another page in my manuscript for more clarification.

The page talked about how we are in the place of our highest good right now and things are working out in ways in which we can’t see at the moment.  Then came the shocker.  On this page in the manuscript was a story Itold about a difficult situation I overcame.  One that started out looking impossible and became easy.  I even mentioned how Mr. Ambrister would say, “it’s gonna be easy.”  I was shocked, I forgot I included the story and the mentioning of the saying in the manuscript for my new book, but as I was reading it I had no doubt that this was my message and lesson at hand.  It was now time for me to move into and realize that my whole life is gonna be easy and things are always working out in ways that I can’t see at the moment.

Bridging The Gap Of Metaphysical Truths, Truth Is Truth and Universal

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As I mentioned in my last post I was watching Oprah’s Next Chapter the other day.  She was talking with the family of Whitney Houston.  As Oprah was talking with Whitney’s daughter Bobbie Christina, I heard something very interesting.  Bobbie Christina said that her mother used to tell her that the saints pray at 5 o’clock in the morning because of it being a special time for God’s blessings.  She then went on to talk about how ever since her mother made her transition she seems to automatically wake up at that time.

My teacher Mr. Ambrister used to say that the satvic dust settles on the earth at 5 A.M. making it the perfect time for meditating.  He would also say that the ancients would sometimes have meetings at 5 A.M. in the morning just to see who was serious enough to come. Years after my teacher made his transition I found myself automatically waking up at 5 A.M. most mornings.  I decided to use this for meditation and reflection time.

Why am I sharing this with you?  Because there is something special about the mornings when it comes to meditation, prayer, and reflection.  The world is more quiet.  We have not started all the hustle and bustle of the day yet. We are setting the tone for where our focus is for the rest of the day.  And yes this is a special time for God’s blessings and the satvic, calming, dust settles on the earth early in the mornings at 5 A.M.  Truth is truth and universal.



Moving beyond notoriety and perceived success to peace and happiness

Today I found myself watching Oprah’s Next Chapter and she was talking with the family of Whitney Houston.  There were a couple of things that came out that really struck me.  One was that Whitney, like Michael Jackson seemed to be very concerned with pleasing the public and living up to expectations she felt the public had of her.  According to the people in her life, she was also chasing after an elusive happiness.  It is said that she worried about being pretty enough and a whole host of other things of that nature.  Of course being famous also seemed to make her life and her marriage much more difficult, according to the people in her life.They said the intrusions made things quite difficult.  We hear and wonder about how drugs may have been a problem, but I have also heard it said that fame is the strongest drug known to man (Jay Z).  How much did that drug effect things?,  may be the real question.

What really struck me as I watched, was not that all these things were going on in Whitney’s life.  It was just another glimpse into the reality that money and fame do not bring happiness.  What surprises me is no matter how many times we see the same story, we as a society seem to worship fame, notoriety and perceived success.  The interesting thing is chasing those things seem to be

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Cover of The Family Man

sure-fire way to unhappiness, but we all seem to want them so bad anyway.  This is why I love movies that remind us that happiness has nothing to do with these trappings.  Some of my favorite films that suggest this are: A Good Year, From Prada To Nada, The Family Man, The Weather Girl, and The Big One.  The list goes on and on, but what I love to see is the main characters choose what truly makes them happy over the purely material.  The most recent movie I saw depicting this is The Vow.  Many expect this film to be a sappy love story, but it is so much more.  It is largely about breaking out of the box to find your happiness, even if it means giving up the prestige of being a lawyer to be an artist and risk disappointing your parents in the process.

I personally, love to see people realize who they truly are and have the courage to be.  People who can do this and remain unattached to how they are going to be perceived, seem to always find themselves living the most enjoyable lives.  On the meditation path we call it being unattached.  In the Bible, it is called being in the world and yet not of the world.  For some of us the idea of it may feel like doing the impossible. I can understand.  This thing we call the ego keeps us worrying about so many unnecessary things. We usually have no idea who we really are or what will truly make us happy.   I, myself, have found that when I am on top of my meditations, living true to who I am, unattached and free is much easier.  I have also found that the less I meditate, the more difficult being happy and free becomes.


What’s it all about? Once Again I am reminded that there are no coincidences as I meet a positive ambassador (Chris)

Yesterday I took my youngest son to the park.  We had a ball, and I must say as I chased him around and did a few chin ups on a bar, I realized that maybe, just maybe I am getting a little older.  I thought about how I used to be able to do quite a few more chin ups back in

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the day, and how we used to play football and basket ball every chance we got.  As I played with my son, I thought about how life changes, and how we change.  Our bodies change and our interests change.  I thought about how when I was a teenager my dad outran my good friend Barney and me one time.  I wondered if I could outrun my eighteen year old son Cory or his older brother Tony.  Probably not, but maybe I could.  Sometimes you wonder what’s it all about this changing life?  Now it is Jordan’s time to run around all day or as often as he can.  As we ran home, I thought about how my teacher used to say “a house without children is like a cemetery, it has no life.  I truly felt alive as I raced my son.  I remembered Mr.  Ambrister at the age 85, would take a van full of children to the park, and how when I was at his house, kids from down the street would walk in, go to the refrigerator and grab a Popsicle, and then go back out and play.

Later I went to the Franklin Covey store at Twelve Oaks, a nearby mall.  I chanted my mantra in my mind as I walked though the mall.  I felt so good, I felt like I was floating.  To some the word mantra still sounds out there, but the truth is we are all chanting mantras all the time.  Most of us are chanting the mantra of our hopes and worries as we go throughout the day, and then wonder why are we so stressed out.  Me, I was getting centered as I enjoyed my walk.

When I got to the store I was greeted by a very friendly guy named Chris.  As I tried to decide which inserts I wanted, he told me how he uses the ones with two pages per day.  Then he happily told me how he had to have a lot of room for all his appointments with his nephews.  He talked about how he takes them many places.  Chris also explained how he and his wife live right next door to his sister who is a single Mom.  He said “for them I am like Dad.  If they are up to any mischief, when I walk in they say “here comes Uncle Chris”, and all scatter.”  You could see the pride in his face as he talked about his nephews and his dedication toward them.  All I could think about was how he stepped up and jumped in to fill the spot of a male role model in their lives.  I wondered if it was a coincidence that he and his wife lived right next door to his 3 young nephews or had he planned it that way.  In either case I knew it was a part of a Universal plan for both his life and theirs.  As I drove home I thought “this is what it is all about.  Life is about giving and we don’t have to go far out to be great givers.  Life is about caring and sharing and being a positive influence.”

When my teacher talked about children, he knew that spending time with them is one of the best ways to give and move beyond our petty concerns, and ultimately move into the life of a giver.  As we do this in the correct spirit we truly come alive.  Yesterday was a great reminder.  It was no coincidence how everything seemed to all come together and operate out of a particular theme that focused on children and giving.   I thought about how we all start out as children living to learn and simply have fun.  Then we get older and give to children and anyone else we can, and that can be fun.  As the great one once said “I have given my life.  What have you to give?”



A reminder. The great sages are very careful of what they say, because they know that everything they say comes true.

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Yesterday my sister Traci invited me to lunch at a restaurant that she had been meaning to try for some time.  She said it was called Bario.  I never heard of it before, but I knew that it was going to be somewhat upscale because it was located in downtown Birmingham. That area is filled with really nice upscale shops and restaurants.

On my way to meet her, I realized that this was the same place I had passed a week or so ago as I was leaving the movie theater.  As I was walking pass the place, it caught my attention.  I found myself thinking “that place really looks upscale for a Mexican restaurant.”  I was looking in the window and could see the decor.  Then I said. “Didn’t that used to be the Blue Martini?”  The Blue Martini was this cool looking upscale bar that closed some time ago.  My next thought was “Well it makes sense.  The Blue Martini had a certain style, so why not put something else there with a little chic style to it?”  It was my first time seeing a chic looking Mexican bar and Restaurant, but I thought the idea was pretty cool.  As I kept walking I said to myself “I have to try that place sometime.  Maybe I’ll take the wife there one day.”  Then I kept walking to my Truck and left.

As I was headed to meet Traci for lunch, I thought about how this was beyond coincidence that I was saying that I had to try this place, just one week ago.  Imagine how many bars and restaurants are in the Detroit Metro Area? What are the odds of that, my sister asking her to meet her there just one week later? Then I got this really cool mystical feeling.  I was reminded of a saying that goes like this.  “The great sages are careful what the talk about because they know everything they say comes true.”  In my life I have noticed this to be the case more and more over the years.  I can think I need something and it will literally just show up out of the blue.  I can think I need to talk to someone and have not seen them in years, and then walk right up to them.  One of my favorites is when I needed an extra hour in my morning one day. After my wife’s clock went off, I said “I really need it to be six o clock instead of seven.  Man If that happened it would be a miracle.”  To my surprise, when I looked at the clock it was six not seven.  I wrote about this in a post titled Miracle Yes Or No.  My point is this. We create our own worlds by our thoughts, words, and environments we place ourselves in.  So  be careful what you watch, listen to, think about, and by all means, what you say. It very well just may come show up.  By the way a friend of mine read this and pointed out that I did not mention how the food was.  It was incredibly good.


Craig Kimbrough

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