And A Child Shall Lead Them To Paint On The Great Canvas Of Life.

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I was walking into my youngest son Jordan’s bedroom.  He was sitting on his bed playing with his Trio building set.  He looked up at me and said “I am making something.”  I asked him, “what are you making?”  Jordan replied.  “I’m not sure yet.”  I told him “Oh yeah, that means you are an artist.  Do you know what an artist is?”  He said no.  I said “an artist is someone who draws or creates things.  People often come to see their great work and get inspired.  By working on something and not yet knowing what it is, you are doing what the artists do.  Your just allowing it to happen through you, without having to know where it is going ahead of time, that is being creative and allowing the Universe to lead you.”  Jordan answered, Yeah that’s what I was thinking.

As we had the exchange and afterward, I found myself thinking, “this is what I need to do in certain areas of my life.  I can’t worry about having to know exactly where things are going or how things are going to turn out.  I just have to move forward on my en-devours, keep up my meditations, and trust that God will show me the way as I move forward. This goes for my meditation teachings, positive movement, businesses, and relationships.” This also goes for all of us we must live and move like artists and be open to being led as we paint on the great canvas of life.


Craig Kimbrough

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