moving beyond the mystery of this fleeting life, to more life

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The unexpected passing of Whitney Houston seems to have touched people everywhere.  It has also seemed to remind many of us the nature of this realm.  We come and we go in this life.  Hopefully while we are here we find ourselves, and live from the places that are most important to us.  If we are fortunate we connect with a higher power, whether you call you call it God, The Universe, The Force or some other name.  Unfortunately, many of us go through our whole lives only living on the surface, not being true to ourselves and our feelings.  We often ignore our signs and allow the world to dictate how we should live and what we should believe in.  If we are not careful we tell ourselves that one day we will be true.  One day we will really live the life that we want to, in our heart.  We often convince ourselves that our deep connection with God and Heaven, that will come one day also, perhaps when we leave.

How do we move into a deeper life beyond all the one-days?  How do we move into a life where we are truly alive today?  How do we find out the answers to the mysteries here and now?  We decide it is going to happen right here, right now, and make it our top priority.  We spend our spare time devoting ourselves to the new life. We throw ourselves into an atmosphere that reminds us of higher possibilities.  We become open to new information and ideas and trust that the higher power within will guide us if we are open.  We pay attention to our dreams at night.  We learn how to quiet our mind and meditate and we watch the results of our intent and actions.  We find ourselves on a whole new journey.  This is not a mere belief.  This has been my experience.  Don’t wait.  Choose more life today.

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