Dreams, Visions,and Ideas To Move On

Shrine at Kurama Temple
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It is said that the second Dalai Lama had repeated dreams and visions of a mystic lake and a monastery that he would build near it.  He later built Chokhor Gyal Monastery near the Lhamoi Latso Lake also known as the Lake of Visions.  His building this structure and his great work he did at the monastery was prophesied by many great masters of the past.

My teacher Mr. Ambrister saw a beautiful church in a vision many years ago.  He gave me a great picture of this place.  He explained how when the people dined, the food came out on conveyor belts with gold plates and silverware.  He felt that he had to build this place.  Unfortunately, life got complicated and he never got around to it.  Some years later, he traveled to Chicago and saw that someone had just recently built the same place he saw in his vision, years before it’s creation.

With my gutter cleaning business, I could see it before it came about.  The funny thing is, there was no such thing at the time.  The work was done by gutter installation companies or painters.  There was no businesses devoted primarily to cleaning out gutters, at least not in Metro Detroit.  I used to say as I rode through the more affluent areas, that I would have customers on every street I pass one day.  The idea sounded a bit off, but years later it came to pass.

When I closed my bookstore and meditation center, my teacher told me that my next place would be on the internet.  At first I could not see it.  I began to look for a place to teach again, but was having trouble finding a place that suited my needs.   After a while I began to have dreams and visions of such a place on the internet, like my teacher prophesied.  A year later, I built a website.  To my surprise, the following year, I taught thousands of people in over 39 countries how to meditate.

I personally have some more recent dreams and visions that I know I need to move on.  Sometimes I wonder what am I waiting on?  As I think about this, I am reminded that these dreams, visions, and ideas, are sent to us by God and The Universe.  They are meant to come about and will not wait on us for their arrival.  If we feel we want to be a part of the vision and adventure, we must get busy and move.  If we don’t know what direction to take, we must be open, meditate, pray, and ask for more direction.  Then we have to take the risk and move.  One more note.  We are all lamas, mystics and visionaries in the making.  We all have an intelligence within that will reveal our next move if we can trust and remain open.

Now how about you?  Do you have any dreams and visions you need to move on?  Do you feel you need one to come your way?  What is your next vision to move on?  Feel free to comment below.



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