What Gives You Life? (From Craig’s Dream Book)

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Last night, into this morning, I was beginning to slip.  I was getting down and loosing my enthusiasm.  I was not excited about life.  This happens from time to time, and for me it is an agonizing thing.  I am the type of person who always has to be excited with something I am looking forward to.  I must have a quest or adventure.  For me, it also helps if I can see part of the mystery of The Universe along the way. Along with my adventure. I need to feel my connection and oneness with the Universe.  A few hours or a day of not having this will tear me apart.  As I said.  I was beginning to slip.  I went to bed early, feeling like something was missing.

This morning I awakened to my 5-year-old son Jordan coming in the room.  As I walked him back to his room he told me “I had a dream it was my sister’s birthday.”  I asked him which sister, because he has two, Mylan and Taylor.  He said “my sister Taylor.”  I was surprised.  This was the first time Jordan has shared a dream with me that was not a rare nightmare, him being 5 and all.  I proceeded to ask him a question or two, but all I got was it was her birthday and she had a party.

I walked away thinking, once again, that “here lately everybody seems to be telling me about their dreams.  Now, even people in my life who don’t know that I interpret dreams are talking to me about them.”  Then I began to think about my book I am writing on dreams.  My next thought was “what time is it?  I really want to go back to bed.”  I looked at the clock.  It was 5:40 A.M.  Then I went to the bathroom.  I thought “man would it be cool if I got a miracle and the time changed to 4:40 giving me another hour before my early morning reflection time.”  Then I thought “that would be a super miracle, to happen again.” When I went into the other room it was 5:43.  No super miracle for me.  Now I was debating once again “do I go back to sleep or get up, meditate, write and reflect?”  I chose to sleep until 6:30 and still have 30 minutes of free time before getting Jordan ready for school.  When I laid down, all I could think about was Jordan’s dream.  “Why did he tell me about it?”  It felt like it was meant to be for a reason.  There was not much to interpret.  Then a thought hit me “what if it was not about interpreting his dream for him?  What if it was about how it related to me getting up and writing more in my book about dreams?  What if his dream came into my world, my waking dream, as a sign for me?  What if it came in my life to remind me that” “this is what you are supposed to be doing Dad?  It’s already past 5:30.”  As I thought about all of this, my life felt very dreamlike and connected.  I opened up my manuscript to another book I am working on that I open up randomly every morning to get my message for the day.  It was relating a story about how my sister’s cat woke me up at the exact time I needed years ago.  I elaborated on the story and then thought “this is the same thing that happened with Jordan this morning.  I didn’t need an alarm clock to get me up.  My 5-year-old son came and got me, practically saying “Dad it’s time to get up.  You know I had a dream last night.  Aren’t you supposed to be writing about such things at this moment?”  As I thought about all of this, I felt so alive. I knew it was because I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, meditating, writing and reflecting first thing in the morning. I was back in my place.  Later this morning, I was reminded about the principal message in the movie Hugo, which I happened to see yesterday.  That message is, we must do what we are meant to do with our lives.  If I try to stop even for half a day, I feel like I am dying.  Think about it.  What gives you life?

Thank you for reading

Craig Kimbrough

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  1. Well, I love this post too. I feel like I am wilting inside when I don’t do artwork. I die inside, the biggest most alive part does. In fact, I was taking a healthy sexuality course a month ago, and someone mentioned Georgia Okeefe, and I thought, hey, I’m gonna have fun with this. I did just that, got some canvases and stayed up all night painting. I felt like I have never felt before, so alive, and ivigorated. In fact I stayed up all night painting. Through this little exersize and creative expression, not only did I express self love and creative expression, but I learned that I am an impressionist painter. They’re damn good too. I’m gonna post them on my page here. Don’t worry, they’re impressionist, like floweres. I call them my kkOkeefe’s

  2. Hey Karen
    I am glad you enjoyed the post. I like your comment. I like how you took some time out to be who you really are. These are the times that God can work through us. It is also interesting that in the midst of your pure enjoyment, you found out that you are an impressionist. As we go with the flow we discover more and more about ourselves.

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