And A Child Shall Lead Them To Paint On The Great Canvas Of Life.

I was walking into my youngest son Jordan’s bedroom.  He was sitting on his bed playing with his Trio building set.  He looked up at me and said “I am […]

Interview with Positive Ambassador member Mark Jefferson about moving beyond a reocurring nightmare to a miracle

Image via Wikipedia Craig:  Not too long ago I did a post titled Miracle Yes or No.  Your comment caught my attention and for some time I’ve been meaning to […]

moving beyond the mystery of this fleeting life, to more life

The unexpected passing of Whitney Houston seems to have touched people everywhere.  It has also seemed to remind many of us the nature of this realm.  We come and we […]

Dreams, Visions,and Ideas To Move On

It is said that the second Dalai Lama had repeated dreams and visions of a mystic lake and a monastery that he would build near it.  He later built Chokhor […]

What Gives You Life? (From Craig’s Dream Book)

Last night, into this morning, I was beginning to slip.  I was getting down and loosing my enthusiasm.  I was not excited about life.  This happens from time to time, […]

More on the magic and mystery of work (Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud In a Dangerous Method)

The other day I saw an incredible movie, A Dangerous Method.  It was about Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung’s mistress.  As I watched the movie so many insights […]

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Bridging The Gap, Seek Ye First The Kingdom and Abandon All Dharma Or Duties

Recently I was thinking about healing and wondered about both physical and mental healing.  My question was just how far can our focus on the higher things take us?  When […]