How Do You Use This Day? What Does Martin Luther King Day Mean to You?

The other day I was listening to a speech by Dr.  Martin Luther King and it was truly mind-blowing.  He was challenging big business and the U. S. government in such a way that it was scary to listen to.  He was challenging the Vietnam war and speaking against U. S. policy.  He was also challenging Coca Cola.  He even said that he knew there may be grave consequences but he had to speak out.  All I could think about was “wow, that was a man on a mission”.

When I think about Dr. King and others like him, I think about people who know how to live.   I think about how these trailblazing heroes move forward on their missions in spight of dangers and fears that would hold others back.  I think about how their actions benefit people for generations to come.  I think about the sacrifices they made and look at the hurdles that I must jump in my own mission as puddles to jump and splash through in comparison.   I sometimes even get

Martin Luther King, Jr.

embarrassed at how I let certain obstacles hold me back at times in my personal mission given to me by God.  It may sound silly to some, but I truly believe that these people who find their mission, whatever it may be, and somehow gain the where with all to move on them with all that they have, are in some way closer to God and in the place, where The Universe wants to express itself through them.  For me this is a day of inspiration to remember to do what I feel God has placed me in this world to do and not let anything hold me back.  I do believe if I move on my mission I will be of great benefit to others, but to tell you the truth, I feel it’s the only way I can live and truly be alive.  Today I reflect on the life of the great Dr. Martin Luther King and use those reflections to remind me how to live and be in this world.  How do you use this day?  What does it mean to you?

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Craig Kimbrough

4 Replies to “How Do You Use This Day? What Does Martin Luther King Day Mean to You?”

  1. On this day I remember not only was Dr. King an advocate for Civil Rights but more importantly for Human Rights. I reflect on the struggles my parents faced and am grateful for thier perserverance in the obsticle of great odds to make my life better. I think about the work that still needs to be done to make this world a better place for all mankind. I think about how I can leave this world a better place for my family and children. To not ignore the path of injustice and freedoms.

  2. Now a days, We should realized a great honor leader dreams that is: ” I have a dream” the dream was had human sacrifice, soul,freedom from poverty, rights,diversity, achieved democracy, financial freedom, free from race,sex,gender,creed,language and so on. and that’s why for the moment of truth and real world we could not fulfill his dreams and not so many settings achieved his goal. But we must try to our goal and his philosophy compromise these days and practice

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