The great sages are very careful what they talk about, because they know everything they say comes true.

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I had this strange dream.  I am not Craig in the dream.  I am not even sure what my name is in this dream.  I lived in the country in a poor rural area.  I also had a girlfriend who I liked a lot and wanted to be with very much, but her ex-boyfriend and some other people desperately did not want us together.  They were willing to kill to keep us apart.  We would go to great lengths to hide the fact that we were together and I did everything I could to keep her safe.  In the end she still ended up in harm’s way from a whole different source.  All I could think about was how I did all I could and it was as if the Universe was determined that her time was up.  I thought this is just like Michael on one of my favorite television shows.  I had watched it just before bed.  His girlfriend Abby was in danger.  She was a former stripper at a club in town.   Several of the girls from this club had been assaulted some even killed.  Michael used connections and secretly sent Abby out-of-town.  Abby did not even know that Michael arranged the trip.  She thought it was purely on account of her job.  While she was out-of-town Abby got killed in a construction accident.  I thought the same thing while watching the show as I did in my dream.  He did all he could to save her and she still died.  How sad.

The interesting thing is I started to cut off the show right away because I knew this was pulling on my emotions, but I decided to keep watching.  As I watched the rest of the show there was a lot of focus on Michael and how bad and guilty he was feeling.  There was also a lot of focus on how unfair it all was.  My dream which was nearly identical to the show was confirmation that I should have paid attention to my gut feeling and cut off the show.  Instead, I created my own world based on those bad feelings.  It reminds me of a saying that goes something like this “The great sages are very careful with what they talk about because they know that everything they say comes true.”  Not only must we be careful what we talk about but we must be careful what we think about, watch, listen to, and focus on because it is bound to show up in our own worlds in one way or another.

Thank you for reading,

Craig Kimbrough

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