MeditativeZone and Positive Ambassador member Sujatha Sriram talks about renewing her life



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I am going to renew by rewiring my brain on being more open to the moment of now around me.. Inhale every second with positivity coming  my way .. Be more regular in pursuing my yoga and substantiate with gym exercises to make it more receptive ..When iam more sync  with  my inner energy and rhythm, i would bring in more creativity into the field of work i am in and inculcate a sense of well being around, a sense of committment, ownership into the task given which in turn will renew the world around me . This will activate the flow of positivity, harmony, consciousness and renew the whole universe as universe is always listening …  I also plan to enrich my life with pursuing my passion of writing and sticking to basics which is the key of every success and connections with the world around us….Get , set , go ….

Journey begins………… Sujatha

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    • suj12345

      Hmm you find it interesting and yet u say u need explanation .. well let me explain. i meant to be more aware of the now which is the present moment . Also when i mentioned rewire of the brain , its being aware of whats happening around us and making conscious effort to change all that we feel we need to transform in us . Once we learn to do that , it becomes unconscious process eventually and automatically the neurons in the brain starts taking control like how they do fr breathing and other functions,, Also i would want myself to be in sync with me by being regular in yoga and break the monotony by gym and feel positive so that it radiates to others, Hope u understood in easier terms now . Thanks for the takin the time to read, I appreciate it . Wishing u a happy year and consciousness for being in the “now”


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