This Weeks Question on Meditation and Metaphysics (Which one is it, a self fulfilling prophesy or a premonition of things to come?)

This weeks question comes from a meditative community member in Finland. “I had a day-dream that a family member was going to try to get me to make up with another family member who did some underhanded things towards me.  I also felt very strongly that the one family member was going […]

When we let go and become an instrument

Early this week I was marveling at an epiphany I had.  It was not the first time this idea came to mind but it was quite deep to me all the same.  I found myself thinking about how much time and energy we spend building our ego and proving ourselves.  I call […]

This weeks question on meditation

This is question I received from a very advanced meditation student last week. “I have a lot of work to do here lately.  I feel like I may have to meditate less than I have been, due to lack of time.  Will this make me be less centered?  Will I lose some […]

Remember What Is True, And Play Your Part In The Grand Mystical Play Of Life

The following passage is taken from my first book, What If My Soul Is Eternal And Heaven Is Everywhere.  It was my message for today. I hope it you enjoy it. I look at life as being a grand play. I’d say it is the greatest, most beautiful play, or movie, or […]

Halloween Positivity and Giving

Halloween was a few days ago.  Over the years Halloween has been quite a big deal to me.  When my older kids were young I was always just as excited as the kids.  I would think back on going trick or treating when I was a kid and want to make sure […]

Answer to an email from a meditation student (become one)

Things have been crazy lately.  This is the beginning of my busy season with the gutter cleaning company.  Sorry it has taken me so long to read your emails. In the last email you wrote, you said “I am nobody.”  You are so correct.  As you know being nobody also means letting go […]

The power of intent

This morning I woke up early, approximately 5am.  I decided to use this time to meditate and see some things more clearly.  I wanted to have a better vision of what my next moves would be with my gutter and window cleaning business, and with the meditation and positive movement.  I still […]

Positive Comment from a member on meditation

Options▼ Love to Meditate and you made me realize that all it is ..means to FOCUS…thats awesome….Thank You Posted by Juana on October 1, 2012 at 8:08pm

Now Is The Time

This morning I woke up thinking that I cannot allow any excuses.  I must remain in the heavenly state at all times.  I must choose heaven, right here, right now.  Every day must be the best day of my life.  And I must treat my life as if  that is absolutely the case. […]