time for deep reflection

Family Man, A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, Ground Hog Day, Leap Year, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Miracle On 32nd Street, What do these movies have in common?   They all center around holidays.  They all seem to focus on growth and spiritual experiences of the principal characters involved.  Not only do they focus on growth but they show the main characters moving into a whole new way of being or new level of living.  Me personally that is what I truly think that holidays are all about.  A ritual and story designed to bring about growth and transformation of character.   Will the ground-hog see his shadow?  Will we see our shadow?  Will I be focused on my ego based concerns?  If so 6 more weeks of winter.  Can I get past myself and be more spiritual and giving? If so there is an early spring.  The Christ was born in Bethlehem.  Are we going to see The Christ reborn in us?  Will our Godly Heavenly side come through?  Will we be giving and cheerful?  Do you believe in the magic of christmas?  If you believe in magic you will experience it in your world.   A whole new year is comming.  Happy new year.  Are you going to be happy?  Do you wish happiness to others in this new year, this new start?  Do we have new years resolutions?  How are we changing for the better?  Will there be a new me, a new you?  Then comes Valentines day are you sharing your love?

My point is that if we are not careful we will get so caught up in life that we will miss the hints along the way that come every year to bring us to our possible transformation.  If we are not careful even the holiday that was designed to enhance our world will become a source of stress in our world as we worry about that perfect Christmas or Valentines day gift.  Slow down and reflect.  Ask God to show you who you can be and where your next adventure is.  Use the holiday for your spiritual growth and transformation.  This is the best gift you can give yourself and anyone else in your world.

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